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Asus Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Asus Laptop Battery Store! Put new life into your old laptop with a powerful replacement battery. We have an excellent selection of notebook replacement batteries for the Asus eee PC, ASmobile, L5000, A3000, A6000, L1000, L8000, M2000 and others in the series. Every day we update our store's products so that you can find almost all of the ASUS notebook batteries available. Every battery we sell is brand-new and has been tested to make sure it meets the original specifications set by the Asus factory. We guarantee the quality. We also offer a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back refund on every Asus battery we sell.

How to maintain a healthy Asus laptop battery

1. Avoid repeated overcharging

The Asus Laptop battery shouldn't be charged more than 12 hours. Also it does not need to be fully 100% charged for optimal usage.

2. Do not fully discharge your Asus laptop battery

When a laptop is in used for a long time, the battery will often become fully discharged and could be damaged. If this happens repeatedly over a period of time, it will age the battery quicker! Whether you are using a notebook Li-Ion, or a nickel-metal hydride battery, allowing it to drain down to less than 5% is the best way to avoid memory effect. The memory effect isn't as strong in the Li-ion battery as it is in the nickel-metal hydride battery. However, be cautious not to let the battery fully drain down to 0% before recharging it again. When recharging, the normal practice is to charge within 12 hours or less. It is critical to follow the guidelines set by the factory for maintaining a healthy battery.

3. Decide which power source to use in powering up the Asus laptop

When using the Asus laptop, it is not necessary to connect the AC adapter as the power supply. It is better to disconnect the AC Adapter while operating the laptop and let the battery discharge.The laptop battery life-cycle is not determined by the length of the total time of usage, but rather by the number of charges and discharges. It is how many times it had been used that is important for the battery life. The common misconception that people have is thinking that by leaving the AC adapter connected to the laptop, the battery will maintain a fully charged state versus allowing it to discharge otherwise. Because the laptop battery contains an embedded integrated control circuit, it will still consume power even when the Asus laptop is power down. When the AC adapter is connected to the Asus laptop, and the battery is still in use, thus will not be maintaining a full capacity status. So it will discharge and soon start charging up again. Therefore, weather your Asus laptop is powered up or not, your Asus laptop battery will be repeatedly charged and discharged, shortening the battery life. It is better to remove the battery when using an external AC adapter as the power supply. Moreover, when the battery is in a constant state of being fully charged, it will have a negative effect on the overall life of the battery.

4. Asus Laptop batteries shouldn't be stored for a long time without being charged

To maintain a healthy Asus battery allow it to be charged and discharged at least once a month. Again, be cautious of excessive charging and discharging, as it may not be able to recharge the battery on the laptop. If you don't use the lithium-ion laptop battery for a very long time, you may store the battery in a semi-state of charge, and then recharge to half of its electrical state for every six months to avoid allowing excessive discharge.

(The same with other brand laptop batteries)

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