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Compaq Laptop Batteries

The fastest way to find the battery you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Presario 1200 battery".

Select Compaq Batteries by Model Number (or Select by Part Number)

Armada 2940 Armada 3500 Series Armada E500
Armada E500S Armada M300 Armada M700
Armada V300 Business Notebook 2210b Business Notebook 4200 Series
Business Notebook NC4200 Series Business Notebook NC4400 Business Notebook NC6000
Business NoteBook NC6100 Business NoteBook NC6105 Business NoteBook NC6110
Business NoteBook NC6115 Business NoteBook NC6120 Business NoteBook NC6200
Business NoteBook NC6220 Business NoteBook NC6230 Business Notebook NC8000
Business NoteBook NC8230 Business Notebook NW8000 Business NoteBook NW8240
Business Notebook NX4800 Business Notebook NX5000 Business NoteBook NX6100
Business NoteBook NX6105 Business NoteBook NX6110 Business NoteBook NX6115
Business NoteBook NX6120 Business NoteBook NX6125 Business NoteBook NX6130
Business Notebook NX7000 series Business Notebook NX7010 Business NoteBook NX8220
Business Notebook NX9100 Business NoteBook NX9100 Series Business Notebook NX9105
Business NoteBook NX9105 Series Business Notebook NX9110 Business NoteBook NX9110 Series
Business Notebook NX9420 Business NoteBook NX9600 Series Business Notebook TC4200
Business Notebook TC4400 Evo N1000 Series Evo N1000c
Evo N1000v Evo N1010v Evo N1015v
Evo N1020v EVO N1033V Evo N105
Evo N1050v Evo N1050V Series Evo N115
Evo N160 Evo N180 Evo N200
EVO N400 EVO N400 Series Evo N400c
EVO N410 EVO N410 Series Evo N410c
EVO N600 Series EVO N600C Series EVO N610C Series
EVO N610V Series EVO N620C Series Evo N800 Series
Evo N800c Evo N800v Evo N800w
PP2100 PP2200 Presario 1100 Series
Presario 1200 Presario 1200T Presario 1200US
Presario 1200XL Presario 1200XL101 Presario 1200XL102
Presario 1200XL103 Presario 1200XL104 Presario 1200XL105
Presario 1200XL106 Presario 1200XL109 Presario 1200XL110
Presario 1200XL111 Presario 1200XL118 Presario 1200XL119
Presario 1200XL125 Presario 1200XL126 Presario 1200XL127
Presario 1200XL199 Presario 1200XL3 Presario 1200XL300
Presario 1200XL325 Presario 1200XL401 Presario 1200XL404
Presario 1200XL406 Presario 1200XL408 Presario 1200XL409
Presario 1200XL420 Presario 1200XL423 Presario 1200XL500
Presario 1200XL505 Presario 1200XL510 Presario 1200XL515
Presario 1200XL526 Presario 1201AP Presario 1201Z
Presario 1207 Presario 1210 Presario 1214
Presario 1214SR Presario 1215 Presario 1216
Presario 1220 Presario 1221 Presario 1230
Presario 1232 Presario 1234 Presario 1235
Presario 1236 Presario 1237 Presario 1240
Presario 1242 Presario 1244 Presario 1245
Presario 1246 Presario 1247 Presario 1250
Presario 1255 Presario 1256 Presario 1260
Presario 1262 Presario 1266 Presario 1267
Presario 1270 Presario 1272 Presario 1273
Presario 1274 Presario 1275 Presario 1277
Presario 1278 Presario 1279 Presario 1280
Presario 12XL Series Presario 12XL115 Presario 12XL125
Presario 12XL300 Presario 12XL310 Presario 12XL325
Presario 12XL326 Presario 12XL327 Presario 12XL4
Presario 12XL400 Presario 12XL401 Presario 12XL405
Presario 12XL410 Presario 12XL420 Presario 12XL426
Presario 12XL427 Presario 12XL430 Presario 12XL500
Presario 12XL505 Presario 12XL510 Presario 1400 Series
Presario 1400EB Series Presario 1400T Presario 1400T Series
Presario 1400T-XL4 Presario 1456 Presario 14XL 240
Presario 14XL 241 Presario 14XL 242 Presario 14XL 247
Presario 14XL 250 Presario 14XL 340 Presario 14XL 350
Presario 14XL 352 Presario 14XL 355 Presario 14XL 420
Presario 14XL 440 Presario 14XL 442 Presario 14XL 452
Presario 14XL 453 Presario 14XL 454 Presario 14XL Series
Presario 1500 Presario 1500 Series Presario 1500AP
Presario 1500SC Presario 1500T Presario 1500US
Presario 1501CL Presario 1501LA Presario 1502
Presario 1505US Presario 1506TC Presario 1508AP
Presario 1508SP Presario 1508TC Presario 1509AP
Presario 1510CA Presario 1510EA Presario 1510TC
Presario 1510US Presario 1511TC Presario 1512TC
Presario 1516US Presario 1520AP Presario 1520CA
Presario 1520LA Presario 1520US Presario 1522LA
Presario 1525AP Presario 1525CA Presario 1525EA
Presario 1525UK Presario 1525US Presario 1529DH
Presario 1531SC Presario 1535AP Presario 1538AP
Presario 1550AP Presario 1555AP Presario 1568AP
Presario 1570AP Presario 1572AP Presario 1580AP
Presario 1600 Presario 1600XL145 Presario 1610
Presario 1611 Presario 1615 Presario 1620
Presario 1621 Presario 1622 Presario 1625
Presario 1626 Presario 1630 Presario 1635
Presario 1640 Presario 1650 Presario 1655
Presario 1665 Presario 1670 Presario 1672
Presario 1675 Presario 1680 Presario 1681
Presario 1682 Presario 1685 Presario 1687
Presario 1688 Presario 1690 Presario 1692
Presario 1693 Presario 1694 Presario 1700
Presario 1700T Presario 1700XL573 Presario 1701
Presario 1702 Presario 1703 Presario 1704
Presario 1705 Presario 1710 Presario 1710LA
Presario 1710SB Presario 1710TW Presario 1711
Presario 1712 Presario 1713 Presario 1714
Presario 1714EA Presario 1715 Presario 1716
Presario 1717 Presario 1719 Presario 1720
Presario 1720US Presario 1721 Presario 1722
Presario 1723 Presario 1724 Presario 1725
Presario 1726 Presario 17XL Series Presario 17XL265
Presario 17XL275 Presario 17XL360 Presario 17XL362
Presario 17XL365 Presario 17XL375 Presario 17XL460
Presario 17XL465 Presario 17XL475 Presario 17XL570
Presario 17XL599 Presario 1800 Presario 1800T
Presario 1800T-800 Presario 1800T-850 Presario 1800XL
Presario 1800XL190 Presario 1800XL280 Presario 1800XL380
Presario 1800XL390 Presario 1800XL481 Presario 1805
Presario 1810 Presario 1825 Presario 1827
Presario 1830 Presario 18XL Series Presario 18XL280
Presario 18XL380 Presario 18XL390 Presario 18XL580
Presario 18XL590 Presario 18XL676 Presario 2100 Series
Presario 2200 Series Presario 2500 Series Presario 2700 Series
Presario 2700T Presario 2700US Presario 2701T
Presario 2702TW Presario 2710US Presario 2715US
Presario 2720US Presario 2800 Series Presario 2800CA
Presario 2800T Presario 2800US Presario 2801CL
Presario 2805US Presario 2811CL Presario 300
Presario 3000 Series Presario 3005 Presario 3005US
Presario 3008 Presario 3008CL Presario 3008US
Presario 3015 Presario 3015CA Presario 3015US
Presario 3016 Presario 3016CL Presario 3016US
Presario 3017 Presario 3017CL Presario 3019
Presario 3019CL Presario 3020 Presario 3036
Presario 3036RSH Presario 3045 Presario 3045US
Presario 305 Presario 3050 Presario 3050US
Presario 306 Presario 3070 Presario 3070US
Presario 3077 Presario 3080 Presario 3080US
Presario 700 Series Presario 700US Presario 700Z
Presario 701 Presario 701CL Presario 701USZ
Presario 705 Presario 705US Presario 710
Presario 711cl Presario 715 Presario 720US
Presario 721CL Presario 722US Presario 723RSH
Presario 725 Presario 725US Presario 730US
Presario 732US Presario 797 Presario 800
Presario 800T Presario 800XL Presario 80XL200
Presario 80XL201 Presario 80XL4 Presario 80XL4S
Presario 80XL550 Presario 900 Series Presario 900US
Presario 905 Presario 905US Presario 906US
Presario 910 Presario 910US Presario 912
Presario 912rsh Presario 918 Presario 918rsh
Presario 920 Presario 920US Presario B1201TU
Presario B1201VU Presario B1202TU Presario B1202VU
Presario B1203TU Presario B1203VU Presario B1204TU
Presario B1204VU Presario B1205TU Presario B1205VU
Presario B1206TU Presario B1206VU Presario B1207TU
Presario B1207VU Presario B1208TU Presario B1208VU
Presario B1209TU Presario B1209VU Presario B1210TU
Presario B1210VU Presario B1211TU Presario B1211VU
Presario B1212VU Presario B1213TU Presario B1213VU
Presario B1214TU Presario B1214VU Presario B1215TU
Presario B1216TU Presario B1217TU Presario B1218TU
Presario B1219TU Presario B1220TU Presario B1221TU
Presario B1222TU Presario B1223TU Presario B1224TU
Presario B1225TU Presario B1226TU Presario B1227TU
Presario B1228TU Presario B1229TU Presario B1230TU
Presario B1231TU Presario B1232TU Presario B1233TU
Presario B1234TU Presario B1235TU Presario B1236TU
Presario B1237TU Presario B1238TU Presario B1239TU
Presario B1240TU Presario B1241TU Presario B1242TU
Presario B1243TU Presario B1244TU Presario B1245TU
Presario B1246TU Presario B1247TU Presario B1248TU
Presario B1249TU Presario B1250TU Presario B1251TU
Presario B1252TU Presario B1253TU Presario B1254TU
Presario B1255TU Presario B1256TU Presario B1257TU
Presario B1258TU Presario B1259TU Presario B1260TU
Presario B1261TU Presario B1262TU Presario B1263TU
Presario B1264TU Presario B1265TU Presario B1266TU
Presario B1269TU Presario B1270TU Presario B1271TU
Presario B1272TU Presario B1273TU Presario B1274TU
Presario B1275TU Presario B1276TU Presario B1277TU
Presario B1278TU Presario B1279TU Presario B1280TU
Presario B1281TU Presario B1282TU Presario B1283TU
Presario B1284TU Presario B1285TU Presario B1286TU
Presario B1287TU Presario B1288TU Presario B1289TU
Presario B1290TU Presario B1291TU Presario B1292TU
Presario B1293TU Presario B1294TU Presario B1295TU
Presario B1296TU Presario B1297TU Presario B1298TU
Presario B1299TU Presario M2000 Series Presario M2005
Presario M2007 Presario M2010 Presario M2105US
Presario M2108 Presario M2305 Presario M2401
Presario R3000 Series Presario R3000AP Presario R3000T
Presario R3000Z Presario R3001AP Presario R3001US
Presario R3002AP Presario R3003AP Presario R3003US
Presario R3004AP Presario R3004US Presario R3005AP
Presario R3005US Presario R3006AP Presario R3007AP
Presario R3008AP Presario R3009AP Presario R3010AP
Presario R3010EA Presario R3011AP Presario R3012AP
Presario R3013AP Presario R3014AP Presario R3015AP
Presario R3016AP Presario R3017AP Presario R3018AP
Presario R3019AP Presario R3021AP Presario R3022AP
Presario R3023AP Presario R3024AP Presario R3030EA
Presario R3030US Presario R3038CL Presario R3039EA
Presario R3040EA Presario R3050EA Presario R3050US
Presario R3055CA Presario R3056RS Presario R3060CA
Presario R3060EA Presario R3060US Presario R3065US
Presario R3070US Presario R3101AP Presario R3111EA
Presario R3112EA Presario R3113EA Presario R3114EA
Presario R3116EA Presario R3117EA Presario R3119EA
Presario R3120CA Presario R3120US Presario R3128RS
Presario R3136EA Presario R3137EA Presario R3138EA
Presario R3140CA Presario R3140US Presario R3145EA
Presario R3150US Presario R3158 Presario R3158IT
Presario R3160US Presario R3190EA Presario R3190US
Presario R3200 Presario R3201AP Presario R3201US
Presario R3202AP Presario R3202US Presario R3203AP
Presario R3203US Presario R3204AP Presario R3204US
Presario R3205AP Presario R3206AP Presario R3206EA
Presario R3207AP Presario R3207EA Presario R3208AP
Presario R3209AP Presario R3210AP Presario R3210CA
Presario R3210EA Presario R3210US Presario R3211AP
Presario R3212EA Presario R3215CA Presario R3215EA
Presario R3220CA Presario R3220US Presario R3228EA
Presario R3230CA Presario R3230EA Presario R3230US
Presario R3240CA Presario R3240EA Presario R3240US
Presario R3245EA Presario R3247US Presario R3249EA
Presario R3250EA Presario R3251EA Presario R3255EA
Presario R3260US Presario R3275US Presario R3290US
Presario R3306US Presario R3310CA Presario R3310CAF
Presario R3310US Presario R3312AP Presario R3313AP
Presario R3314AP Presario R3340F Presario R3370US
Presario R3400 Presario R3400 CTO Presario R3410US
Presario R3440CA Presario R3470US Presario R4000 (PL854AV)
Presario R4000 (PN495AV) Presario R4000 Series Presario R4001
Presario R4002 Presario R4003 Presario R4003EA
Presario R4005EA Presario R4006EA Presario R4009EA
Presario R4010CA Presario R4010US Presario R4012EA
Presario R4012US Presario R4015EA Presario R4016EA
Presario R4017EA Presario R4024EA Presario R4025CA
Presario R4025EA Presario R4025US Presario R4026EA
Presario R4028EA Presario R4029EA Presario R4030EA
Presario R4031EA Presario R4035CA Presario R4060EA
Presario R4065EA Presario R4075EA Presario R4100 (EA460AV)
Presario R4100 (EA461AV) Presario R4146EA Presario R4225CA
Presario V2000 Series Presario V2000Z Presario V2010US
Presario V2030US Presario V2100 Presario V2110CA
Presario V2110F Presario V2140CA Presario V2140F
Presario V2140US Presario V2205 Presario V2210CA
Presario V2306 Presario V2309 Presario V2310
Presario V2311 Presario V2312 Presario V2321
Presario V2401 Presario V2402 Presario V2403
Presario V2405 Presario V2410 Presario V2414
Presario V2424 Presario V2552US Presario V2555
Presario V2565 Presario V2570 Presario V2582US
Presario V2606 Presario V2607CL Presario V2610
Presario V2615US Presario V2630US Presario V2658US
Presario V2665US Presario V2670US Presario V3000 Series
Presario V4000 Series Presario V4001 Presario V4002
Presario V4003 Presario V4004 Presario V4005
Presario V4015 Presario V4020 Presario V4310
Presario V4435 Presario V4440US Presario V5000 Series
Presario V5000T Presario V5000Z Presario V5005
Presario V5015 Presario V5088 Presario V5099
Presario V5101US Presario V5102 Presario V5105
Presario V5108CU Presario V5115US Presario V5119
Presario V5120 Presario V5160US Presario V5189
Presario V5201US Presario V6000 Series Presario X1000 series
Presario X1010US Presario X1015 Presario X1015US
Presario X1018CL Presario X1020US Presario X1030
Presario X1030US Presario X1031AP Presario X1032AP
Presario X1033AP Presario X1034AP Presario X1035AP
Presario X1036AP Presario X1037AP Presario X1039AP
Presario X1040 Presario X1040US Presario X1041AP
Presario X1058CL Presario X1360US Presario X1460US
Prosignia 170 Tablet PC TC1000 Tablet PC TC1100
Tablet PC TC4200
Welcome to the Compaq Laptop Battery Store! Never worry about missing out on the latest Internet videos because your laptop battery is down. Buy a replacement here! We have top quality replacement laptop/notebook batteries for your Compaq Presario, Compaq Evo, Business Notebook, Armada, Prosignia, Contura, LTE Elite, Tablet PC and other. We are Compaq laptop battery experts. Whichever model you need, you will probably find it here. We sell all our Compaq laptop batteries with a low price guarantee and fast delivery. All accessories are brand new and of excellent quality. Buy with confidence!

Easy tips to save energy with your Compaq laptop computer battery

1. Dim your computer's display

Set the display as low as you comfortably can. You'll save Compaq battery juice.

2. Defrag your hard drive on a regular basis

With less clutter to process, your hard drive operates more efficiently and puts less demand on the Compaq laptop battery.

3. Run only the programs you need

Do you really need iTunes, PhotoShop, PowerPoint and Word 2007 running at the same time you're watching a streaming video program? Probably not. Running multiple programs at the same time uses more hard drive resources and battery energy.

4. Disable unused devices

If you're not using the modem, turn it off. If you don't need the CD/DVD drive, remove its disc. Speaking of which

5. If your Compaq laptop's CD/DVD drive is removable, consider removing it when you go on the road

That saves a bit on weight as well as drain on power usage.

6. Keep the Compaq laptop battery contacts clean

Carefully remove your Compaq laptop battery every two months or so and clean its metal contacts with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps the transfer of power from your battery more efficient.

7. Turn off the autosave function

While the autosave feature on the Microsoft Word and Excel programs is handy, it works your hard drive harder which drains laptop battery life quicker. You can help extend battery life by turning off this feature and saving your work yourself.

8. User fewer external devices

USB devices (including your mouse) and WiFi drain your Compaq laptop battery. Remove or shut them down when you're not using them. Charging other devices like an iPod also will drain your battery quickly.

9. Excercise your Compaq laptop battery

Don't leave your fully charged battery unused for an extended period of time. Use it regularly. Also, if
you have a Li-ion Compaq battery, don't let it discharge completely.

10. Keep the temperature down

Be sure to periodically clean out your laptop computer's air vents with a cloth to prevent accumulated
dust and dirt from slowing the cooling fan. When a computer is running hot, the Compaq laptop battery discharges more quickly.

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