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Dell Laptop Batteries

The fastest way to find the battery you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Inspiron 1525 Battery".

Select Dell Batteries by Model Number (or Select by Part Number)

DL-X200L Series Inspiron 1000 Series Inspiron 1100 Series
Inspiron 1150 Series Inspiron 1200 Series Inspiron 1300
Inspiron 14 Inspiron 1410 Inspiron 1420 Series
Inspiron 1440 Inspiron 1501 Inspiron 1520
Inspiron 1521 Inspiron 1525 Series Inspiron 1526 Series
Inspiron 1545 Inspiron 1720 Inspiron 1721
Inspiron 1750 Inspiron 200N Series Inspiron 2100
Inspiron 2200 Series Inspiron 2500 Inspiron 250N Series
Inspiron 2600 Series Inspiron 2650 Series Inspiron 2800
Inspiron 300m Series Inspiron 3500 D233XT Inspiron 3500 D266GT
Inspiron 3500 D300GT Inspiron 3500 Series Inspiron 3700
Inspiron 3800 Inspiron 4000 Inspiron 4100
Inspiron 4150 Inspiron 5000 Inspiron 5000e
Inspiron 500M Series Inspiron 5100 Series Inspiron 5150 Series
Inspiron 5160 Series Inspiron 6000 Inspiron 600M Series
Inspiron 630m Inspiron 6400 Inspiron 640m
Inspiron 7000 D266GT Inspiron 7000 D300LT Inspiron 7000 Series
Inspiron 700m Series Inspiron 710m Series Inspiron 7500
Inspiron 8000 Inspiron 8100 Inspiron 8200
Inspiron 8500 Series Inspiron 8600 Series Inspiron 910
Inspiron 9100 Series Inspiron 9200 Inspiron 9300
Inspiron 9400 Inspiron B Series Inspiron B120
Inspiron B130 Inspiron E1405 Inspiron E1505
Inspiron E1505n Inspiron E1705 Inspiron i1300
Inspiron Mini 9 Inspiron XPS Gen 2 Inspiron XPS M170
Inspiron XPS M1710 Inspiron XPS Series Inspiron17
Latitude 100L Series Latitude 110L Series Latitude 120L
Latitude 131L Latitude C400 Series Latitude C500
Latitude C510 Latitude C540 Latitude C600
Latitude C610 Latitude C640 Latitude C800
Latitude C810 Latitude C840 Latitude CP Series
Latitude CPI Latitude CPI 233ST Latitude CPI 366
Latitude CPI A366XT Latitude CPi D Series Latitude CPI D233
Latitude CPI D266XT Latitude CPI D300 XT Latitude CPi D300XT
Latitude CPIA Latitude CPIA300ST Latitude CPIA366ST
Latitude CPIA366XT Latitude CPIA400XT Latitude CPIC333GT
Latitude CPIC400GT Latitude CPIR Latitude CPIR400GT
Latitude CPM Latitude CPM 166ST Latitude CPM 233ST
Latitude CPM 233XT Latitude CPT Latitude CPT C333GT
Latitude CPT S500GT Latitude CPTC Latitude CPTS
Latitude CPTV Latitude CPTV 466GT Latitude CPX
Latitude CPXH Latitude CPXH 500GT Latitude CPXJ
Latitude CPXJ 650GT Latitude D400 Series Latitude D410
Latitude D420 Latitude D430 Latitude D500 Series
Latitude D505 Series Latitude D510 Series Latitude D531
Latitude D531 Series Latitude D531N Series Latitude D600 Series
Latitude D610 Series Latitude D620 Latitude D620 Series
Latitude D630 Latitude D630 Series Latitude D631
Latitude D800 Series Latitude D810 Latitude D820
Latitude D820 Series Latitude D830 Latitude D830 Series
Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300 Latitude E5400
Latitude E5410 Latitude E5500 Latitude E5510
Latitude E6400 Latitude E6400 ATG Latitude E6400 XFR
Latitude E6410 Latitude E6410 ATG Latitude E6500
Latitude E6510 Latitude L400 Latitude LS
Latitude LS 400 Latitude LSH Latitude LST
Latitude LST C400ST Latitude PP01 Latitude PP01L
Latitude PP01X Latitude PPL Latitude PPX
Latitude V710 Series Latitude V740 Series Latitude X1
Latitude X200 Series Latitude X300 Series PP19L
Precision M20 Series Precision M2300 Precision M2400
Precision M40 Precision M4300 Precision M4400
Precision M4500 Precision M50 Precision M60 Series
Precision M6400 Precision M65 Precision M65 Series
Precision M6500 Precision M70 Precision M90
Precision WorkStation M60 Series SMART PC100N SmartStep 100N
SmartStep 200N SmartStep 200N Series SmartStep 250N
SmartStep 250N Series Studio 1535 Studio 1536
Studio 1537 Studio 1555 Studio 1557
Studio 1735 Studio 1736 Studio 1737
Studio PP33L Studio XPS 1640 Studio XPS 1641
Studio XPS 1645 Studio XPS 1647 Vostro 1000
Vostro 1014 Vostro 1015 Vostro 1088
Vostro 1200 Series Vostro 1310 Vostro 1320
Vostro 1400 Series Vostro 1410 Vostro 1500
Vostro 1510 Vostro 1520 Vostro 1700
Vostro 2510 Vostro A840 Vostro A860
Vostro A860N Vostro V1200 Series XPS 1330
XPS 1530 XPS Gen 2 XPS M1210 Series
XPS M1330 XPS M140 XPS M1530
XPS M170 XPS M1710
Welcome to the Dell Laptop Battery Store! On the road, in the park or at the beach, keep your laptop powered up with a new Dell laptop replacement battery. All Dell laptop replacement batteries we sell are brand-new and of the highest quality. Look for laptop/notebook batteries for the Dell Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, SmartStep, Studio, Vostro, XPS series and others. These batteries are specifically designed for each Dell laptop brand and model. Be sure to note the exact model of your laptop and look for it in the list below. We also offer a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back refund on every Dell laptop battery we sell.

Battery Tips: Have you considered these options to conserve Your Dell laptop battery life during travel?

Smart battery technology has brought about many great battery-saving features that you can take advantage of. For example, your Dell laptop can be programmed to warn you when the battery has reached its limit setting. The savings benefit is that the warning allows you to act quickly to fix the problem. You should take these warnings seriously. Ignore them at your own peril; it's your data that is at risk and it could be lost! Another feature allows you to tailor the settings to your comfort level and usage. For example, if you are simply browsing the Internet, there is little chance of losing data when you receive this warning message. Even if you are typing away on Twitter and the message appears, there won't be a great data loss. However, if you are editing a large project file on your hard drive and you see this warning, you need to act immediately to avoid losing data.

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