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E-Machines Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the E-Machines Laptop Battery Store! We offer a great selection of notebook replacement batteries for the most popular eMachines models, including: M2105, M2350, M2352, M6410, M6412, M6414, M6805, M6807, M6809, M6810, M6811, E-Slate and others. All E-Machines batteries are brand-new and pre-tested for quality and stability. Most orders ship within 24-hours. We offer a one year warranty and a30-day money-back refund on every Compal laptop battery we sell.

How to get the supreme life out of your E-Machines batteries?

Due to costly replacement, we usually come to this question-to keep the best out of E-Machines batteries.
Foremost, how long does your battery last? 2-4 years is commonly acceptable up to how often you use and charge the battery. If your battery is frequently used and charged in that you work a lot or take too much advantage of it, then merely two or three years will be lasting.
In addition, E-Machines original laptop batteries are usually made from nature Li-Ton batteries which have approximately 500-600 charges and last out 4-5 years at most. They also have a self-discharge rate of about 1% per day which means you have to charge them at least every 12 months.