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Hitachi Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Hitachi Laptop Battery Store! Here, you'll find the most popular replacement batteries for the Hitachi Flora, VisionBook, VisionBook Plus, E-series, M-series of laptop and notebook computers. All Hitachi laptop batteries are brand new and of the highest quality. Be sure to note the exact model of your laptop and look for it in the list below. If you don't see your model listed, contact us, and we'll try to locate the correct battery for you through our manufacturers and suppliers.

How to keep your laptop batteries well?

1. Activate new batteries. To make your laptop last longer, you must start well. When you first start up your PC after purchasing, it is supposed to be loaded with 3% electricity which is normally consent by the manufacture (If you find the battery fully charged at the very beginning, it must have been used before.) Now, you had better not link the battery to external electricity but use up the rest 3% till the laptop is powered off. Then you're supposed to charge it, for over 12 hours. You are presumed to use up the electricity before recharging for at least three times, so that the battery could be activated.
2. Reduce the times you charge your computer, which is the most effective way. As you know, charging and discharging affects directly the longevity of laptop batteries. Each time the battery is charged, it is reduced in its life. I suggest you use external source as possible as you can, at the same time, take off the battery. Some people are unaware of the severe damage so that they plug and pull the connector several times, with the battery in the computer. Each time plugging the connector into the electrical outlet, the battery is charged, which badly impair the battery.
3. Charge the battery after the electricity runs out. Avoiding long charging time. No matter your laptop battery is made from Li-ion or ni-mh, you must use up the electricity (less than 1%) before recharging to avoid memory effect. In addition, your laptop battery should lay in cool and dry places.