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Jetta Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Jetta Laptop Battery Store! Here, you will find an excellent selection of notebook replacement batteries for the Jetta Jetbook series, including the JetBook 8500S, JetBook C250P, JetBook C250S and others. Jetta Laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop model. If you know your Jetta laptop model look for it in the list below. All batteries are brand-new and pre-tested for quality and stability. Buy with confidence!

How to prolong the utility time of laptop batteries?

This is a very question everybody earning or ready to earn a laptop is concern about. Indeed, intel-centrino technology realizes lingering waiting time of laptop batteries. Some manufacture even tag out "10-hour" utility time, which actually is an eye-catching advertisement. At present, most laptops can't meet the so-called "official standard", however, which is not our concern. For us consumers, there are some ways by which we could stretch the utility time of laptop batteries.
1. In the 25-40 degree centimeters environment, Li-ion batteries are in optimum condition.
Higher temperature will slower laptop's operation time even cause system halted, meanwhile, effect will be impacted. As a result, indoor circumstances are advised to employ the laptop.
2. Interdict installations which are not in common use.
For daily use, you should suspend the unnecessary interface, such as Broadcom wireless card, printer interface, IrDA and fire wire, otherwise, lots of electricity will be wasted. Follow the procedure: "device manager"-"system"-"hardware"-"device manager", find the above devices and suspend them.
3. Reduce consumption of inner devices.
Higher and higher dominant frequency of CPU and rotation speed of hard disk deplete enormous energy and increase heat radiation. Not necessary, we suggest you control rotation speed of hard disk by virtue of interior system or other software and don't open too many windows to shun high load of CPU, serving to lighten power consuming and heat emission.