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Lifetec Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Lifetec Laptop Battery Store! Here, you will find the latest laptop replacement batteries for Lifetec LT5061 LT5214 LT5218 LT5222 LT5223 LT5225 LT5389 LT5400 LT5498 LT5499 LT5943 LT5944 and others in the series. We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. Verify your model type and look for it in the list below. Every Lifetec battery we sell is brand-new and is pre-tested for quality and stability. We offer a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back refund on every Lifetec laptop battery.

Get More Life Out Of Your Lifetec Battery

Some says your Lifetec battery, when new, is good for about 4 and half hours. Of course, there's some variability, up to what you're doing with the computer. Here are a few tricks to keep your battery from dying on a long flight:
1. Optimize your battery life settings.
2. Power down your hard disks when you don't need them.
3. Decrease your screen brightness.
4. Turn off things you don't need, like Airport or Bluetooth when you aren't using them.
5. Close the Dashboard so that there aren't any widgets running.
6. Minimize processor use while you're on battery. That means, don't run applications that take a lot of processor power, don't run too many applications or more than you need to.