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Mecer Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Mecer Laptop Battery Store! Here, you will find an excellent selection of replacement notebook batteries for most Mercer models, including the Mecer N243SA, Mecer N244, Mecer N244II, Mecer N340S8, Mecer N755, Mecer N755IA, Mecer N755II, Mecer N755-SI, PowerX N755IA, PowerX N755II, Xpression DL70, Xpression DL71 and others. We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. We have a 30-day return policy so you can buy with confidence.

How many do you know about laptop batteries?

Public opinions on laptop batteries are various and some lay too much attention on laptop batteries which is not necessary. Most of laptop batteries are made from Li-ion, which is high effective and seldom memory effect.
Due to complicated factors and possibilities, capacity reduce of Li-ion batteries still occurred. Simply put, in the process of usage, solid state would accumulate, including irresolvable chemical substance, electrolyte or impurity sticking on the inner of batteries and leading to the decrease of effective electrolyte. Thus, revolving electrolyte is reduced and cause effects not as before. However, as a result of misunderstanding, laptop batteries could not be utilized as much as possible.
Misunderstanding 1: You must take out laptop batteries when connecting external electricity. This is put forward based on that frequent charging and discharging would damage the batteries from which the loss over weights the gain. On one hand, Li-ion batteries bear with Intelligent protection circuit which means till the inner electricity descends over 5% the batteries begin to charge; on the other hand, frequently plug the batteries may cause poor contact of the interface which will mangle the batteries; in the end, batteries can protect the operation of the laptop from sudden cut-off of electricity.
Misunderstanding 2: When first put into practice, the battery should be charged for 12 hours. Virtually, most laptop batteries carry with OCP-over current protection. As long as it is fully charged, the battery will cut off with the alternating current which means continuing the charging turns out to be a waste of power.
Misunderstanding 3: If not to use for a long time, the Li-ion battery shall be kept empty or full. These are contrary conclusions, however, in favor of different people. Those who advocate keeping the battery empty has the basis that Li-ion battery will be discharged so as to influence the longevity and empty battery would have no such worries. The later advises
Misunderstanding 4: Frequent charging and discharging would cause no influence on Li-ion. Although seldom memory effect exists in Li-ion batteries, frequent charging and discharging would work on batteries' longevity. But if there is any special need, occasional charging wouldn't bother.
The above expounds what we should pay attention and correct the misunderstand in daily usage of batteries.