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Mitac Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Mitac Laptop Battery Store! We offer the best selection of replacement notebook batteries for the most popular Mitac models, including: Mitac MiNote 722, M722, M722H, 8100, 8170, 8170A, 8080F, 8080P, 8081, 8089 and others. Mitac Laptop batteries are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. You need to know your Mitac laptop's model number so that you can find the correct laptop battery. All batteries we sell are pre-tested for quality and stability. You can buy with confidence!

Signs that you may need to replace your laptop battery

1. Do you have to charge your battery frequently?

If you notice the battery isn't powering your laptop as long as it should, even on a full charge.

2. Is your laptop taking longer than usual to boot up?

This may be a sign of an aging battery.

3. Are the laptop power lights lit?

If they're not, verify that your laptop is getting power by plugging it into an AC electrical outlet. If the power lights shine, the trouble may be your battery.

4. Do you see smoke or signs of fire coming from your laptop battery?

If you do, stop using the battery immediately and replace it with a new one.