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MSI Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the MSI Laptop Battery Store! We offer the latest notebook replacement batteries for most MSI models including: MSI Wind, MegaBook M655 Series, MegaBook M662 Series, MS1034 series, MS1039 Series and other. We regularly update our MSI laptop battery store with new products as they become available. All laptop batteries we sell are brand-new and are tested for quality, stability and safety. We also provide fast shipping and excellent customer service. Buy with confidence and enjoy your shopping experience!

Caution on using laptop batteries

Maintenance of laptop batteries matters a lot, otherwise, the factual capacity of batteries will be decreased and life shortened. New batteries usually have starting-up electrical quantity which needs to be exhausted the first time you use it. Every 30 days you should discharge the batteries deeply and then charge them till saturation.
Discharging the batteries indicates that the laptop works empowered by the battery totally till it is automatically powered off. During this process, you might see the sign on the right corner of the screen or hear the alarming of low electricity. But don't try to turn down the laptop, on contrast, you let the laptop continue operating till it shut down spontaneously.
To extend the life-span of batteries, you are supposed to save electricity as possible as you can. Pay attention to the following tips:
1.Take advantage of laptop electricity power management to economize electricity.
2.Liquid crystal display consumes a big deal of electricity. You could adjust it to the undermost degree in reference to you sight.
3.Shut down the programs not temporally utilized.