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Samsung Laptop Batteries

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Welcome to the Samsung Laptop Battery Store! Keep the juice flowing through your Samsung laptop with a powerful new replacement battery. Check out our incredible selection of laptop/notebook batteries for the Samsung X10, X05, SENS, SensPro series and others. All Samsung laptop batteries have been tested by our staff. They are brand-new and work great. If you are not satisfied with the battery you purchase, you can return it to us. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and every Samsung laptop battery comes with a one year warranty. Before ordering, be sure to check your Samsung laptop model and determine exactly which battery you need and look for it in the list below. You also can type your query into our search bar. Enjoy your shopping experience and tell your friends about us!

Advantages of high capacity batteries

1. Increased operating time

Many high capacity batteries can operate a laptop computer up to 50 percent longer than the original factory-installed battery.

2. No loss of memory

Most high capacity batteries are manufactured using Li-ion technology which doesn't suffer the memory effect experienced by batteries manufactured using older technology.

3. Good reliability

High capacity batteries are designed to withstand thousands of charging cycles, which contributes to a longer battery life.

4. Excellent shelf life

The Li-ion technology in high capacity batteries allows for very little energy drain when a charged battery is stored for extended periods of time.