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External/Standalone Laptop Battery Charger for HP Pavilion zv5000, zx5000, zv6000, zd8000 and Compaq Presario R3000, R4000, X6000

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Item No.: PortaTechs - PLT-5000WP

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  • //HP Pavilion zv5000/zx5000/zv6000/zd8000 and Compaq Presario R3000/R4000/X6000 Series External/Standalone Laptop Charger//Charger Specs:Condition: Brand New. Generic Brand. Made in Taiwan.//Warranty: 6 Months//Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC 0.16~0.52A 50/60Hz//Output Voltage: +17.5V DC//Output Charging Current: 1.5A//Color: Black//P/N: 85-101900-00//PSU: HES33-S170150//Model: PLT-5000WP//Compatible battery Part Numbers: HSTNN-DB02, HSTNN-UB02, 346970-001, 371914-001, 374762-001, DP399A, DP390A//This laptop charger is compatible with the following Laptop Models: HP Pavilion zx5000/zv5000/zv6000 Series: zv5000, zv5000t, zv5000z, zv5001us, zv5001xx MV IUR, zv5002xx MV IUR, zv5030ca, zv5030us, zv5034us, zv5037wm, zv5040ea, zv5101us, zv5103us, zv5103xx MV IUR, zv5105us, zv5120ca, zv5120us, zv5143ea, zv5160ca, zv5160us, zv5191ea, zv5200, zv5200t, zv5201us, zv5201xx MV IUR, zv5202us, zv5210ca, zv5210us, zv5220ca, zv5220us, zv5227wm, zv5230us, zv5235us, zv5240ca, zv5240us, zv5240xx MV IUR, zv5242qv, zv5247la, zv5255us, zv5257la, zv5260us, zv5267la, zv5270us, zv5287la, zv5310us, zv5316us, zv5320ca, zv5320us, zv5325ca, zv5330ca, zv5330us, zv5340us, zv5342qv, zv5343us, zv5346us, zv5347wm, zv5348rs, zv5360us, zv5367wm, zv5370us, zv5380us, zx5000, zx5001us, zx5001xx MV IUR, zx5002xx MV IUR, zx5040ca, zx5040us, zx5060us, zx5065us, zx5070us, zx5078cl, zx5180us, zx5190us, zx5200, zx5201xx MV IUR, zx5202us, zx5275us, zx5280us, zx5295us, zx5369cl.//HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9100/nx9600 Series://nx9100, nx9105, nx9110, nx9600.//Compaq Presario R3000/R4000 Series://R3000, R3000T, R3000Z, R3001US, R3003US, R3004AP, R3004US (DV562AT), R3004US (DZ358U), R3005US, R3030US, R3038CL, R3050US, R3055CA, R3055US, R3056RS, R3060CA, R3060US, R3065US, R3070US, R3100, R3103US, R3120CA, R3120US, R3128RS, R3140CA, R3140US, R3150US, R3160US, R3190US, R3200, R3203US, R3204US, R3210US, R3240US, R3260US, R3300, R3320US, R3360US, DZ358UR, DZ358U, DL228AV//NOTE: The battery shown in the picture is for illustration only and will Not Included! This laptop battery charger will not replace the regular AC adapter for your laptop. It is an external/standalone charger which can charge your battery outside of your laptop.

Compatible HP Model Number

Business Notebook NX9100Business Notebook NX9105Business Notebook NX9110Business Notebook NX9600Pavilion ZV5000
Pavilion ZV5000TPavilion ZV5000ZPavilion ZV5001USPavilion ZV5001XX MV IURPavilion ZV5002XX MV IUR
Pavilion ZV5030CAPavilion ZV5030USPavilion ZV5034USPavilion ZV5037WMPavilion ZV5040EA
Pavilion ZV5101USPavilion ZV5103USPavilion ZV5103XX MV IURPavilion ZV5105USPavilion ZV5120CA
Pavilion ZV5120USPavilion ZV5143EAPavilion ZV5160CAPavilion ZV5160USPavilion ZV5191EA
Pavilion ZV5200Pavilion ZV5200TPavilion ZV5201USPavilion ZV5201XX MV IURPavilion ZV5202US
Pavilion ZV5210CAPavilion ZV5210USPavilion ZV5220CAPavilion ZV5220USPavilion ZV5227WM
Pavilion ZV5230USPavilion ZV5235USPavilion ZV5240CAPavilion ZV5240USPavilion ZV5240XX MV IUR
Pavilion ZV5242QVPavilion ZV5247LAPavilion ZV5255USPavilion ZV5257LAPavilion ZV5260US
Pavilion ZV5267LAPavilion ZV5270USPavilion ZV5287LAPavilion ZV5310USPavilion ZV5316US
Pavilion ZV5320CAPavilion ZV5320USPavilion ZV5325CAPavilion ZV5330CAPavilion ZV5330US
Pavilion ZV5340USPavilion ZV5342QVPavilion ZV5343USPavilion ZV5346USPavilion ZV5347WM
Pavilion ZV5348RSPavilion ZV5360USPavilion ZV5367WMPavilion ZV5370USPavilion ZV5380US
Pavilion ZV6000Pavilion ZX5000Pavilion ZX5001USPavilion ZX5001XX MV IURPavilion ZX5002XX MV IUR
Pavilion ZX5040CAPavilion ZX5040USPavilion ZX5060USPavilion ZX5065USPavilion ZX5070US
Pavilion ZX5078CLPavilion ZX5180USPavilion ZX5190USPavilion ZX5200Pavilion ZX5201XX MV IUR
Pavilion ZX5202USPavilion ZX5275USPavilion ZX5280USPavilion ZX5295USPavilion ZX5369CL
Presario DL228AVPresario DZ358UPresario DZ358URPresario R3000Presario R3000T
Presario R3000ZPresario R3001USPresario R3003USPresario R3004APPresario R3004US (DV562AT)
Presario R3004US (DZ358U)Presario R3005USPresario R3030USPresario R3038CLPresario R3050US
Presario R3055CAPresario R3055USPresario R3056RSPresario R3060CAPresario R3060US
Presario R3065USPresario R3070USPresario R3100Presario R3103USPresario R3120CA
Presario R3120USPresario R3128RSPresario R3140CAPresario R3140USPresario R3150US
Presario R3160USPresario R3190USPresario R3200Presario R3203USPresario R3204US
Presario R3210USPresario R3240USPresario R3260USPresario R3300Presario R3320US
Presario R3360US

Compatible HP Part Number


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