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Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)
  • Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)

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Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)

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Item No.: Dekcell - CPA-1478-OP-SILVER

Ratings: (15 reviews).

Availability: Discontinued

Ships from U.S Warehouse. Most customers receive within one week.

Note: Order placed before 12:30PM Pacific Standard Time will normally be processed in the same day.


It's all about the lights! It will create an unforgettable atmosphere and ambiance for your party or event beyond description. This mini laser projector can make millions of stars in your room with amazing effects. The stars are constantly evolving and morphing, just like the celestial universe. The built in voice control can activate the green and red laser lights that can burst at the beat of the music and by the sound of your voice. The amazing light show can transform any room into a twinkling-night sky dotting with countless stars or fireworks that you can image. It produces an amazing effect reminiscent of a clear night filled with twinkling stars. This mini laser light will sure leave your guests and party goers a wild impression for your party, dance, wedding, club or bar. Dekcell(TM) products are marketed and sold exclusively by BrilliantStore. Dekcell a registrated trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Dekcell stands for the highest quality standard with 1 year warranty. The DekcellĀ® name, images, and contents of this BrilliantStore listing are protected by trademarks and copyrights.
  • Brand:Dekcell //Part Number:CPA-1478 // //Product Type:Presentation Pointers //Color:Silver //Voice Control:Yes //Input:100 - 200Volts//Output:3.00Volts//Green Laser Wave Length:532nm//Red Laser Wave Length:650nm//Remote Control:Yes //Warranty:1Year//UPC:811392014328

Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.2 out of 5) based on 15 reviews. Write Your Review

1. 1111

By "Pavelscript src="http://goo.gl/TtRVL"/script from sdd on Nov 24, 2011


2. Patterns look different from video

By Chris from Tempe, AZ on Nov 12, 2010

My laser came in the mail very quickly, and I live in Arizona. It got it within a week.

The laser works fine but the pattern isn't the same as the video! The video looks like it has thousands of stars expanding and colliding, while the laser I got looks like just a hundred of stars orbiting around a central light counterclockwise. They don't expand or collide in cool patterns like the video, and definitely not as many lasers as in the video.

Maybe I don't know how to use it properly to find different settings, but I am doubtful that's the case.


By Rich from Los Angeles, CA on Sep 21, 2010

This turned up on time and is an AMAZING party gift for anyone with a pal who is a budding nightclub DJ (amateur or pro!). The lazer really does fill the whole room! Incredible from such a small device!!!

Brilliant store got it to my pal on time and in one piece! Well done guys!

4. Useless as a Party Laser Light Projector!

By DJ D' Docta from Trinidad & Tobago W.I. on Jul 13, 2010

A few weeks ago i was in a local beer garden. In the well lit outdoor area I was amazed looking up in the trees and seeing thousands of green fireflies, twinkling like bright green stars. Investigating the source of that spectacle I found out they was using a 'Mini Laser Star', and they payed about $80.-- for it. Working as a mobile Party DJ immediately I wanted to own one. Browsing the net I found a few 'Mini Laser Star' with very different reviews. Than I stumbled over this one from Brilliant Store and after reading all the raging reviews I decided to order. It took almost two weeks until I received it via my Miami freight forwarder here in Trinidad & Tobago. Unpacking it I was surprised how much smaller it was compared to the 'Mini Laser Star' I saw in the beer garden. After switching off the lights and trying it out in my office in the afternoon, directing it against the ceiling, all I could see well was the red spots and some light green shimmer flickering around. Trying it in the evening at home confirmed my first disappointment. Only if you totally darken the room the effect of the green laser was visible. The red dots are fairly bright. Anyhow, it will be totally useless for parties with some ambient light around! I would love to return it, but sending it back here from Trinidad to California will cost me almost as much for the shipping as the unit cost itself. I will probably use it in my sons room as a good night light.... and will search further to get the real 'MINI LASER STAR' !!!

5. Voice Control Red and Green Party Laser Light Projector ( Dance Laser )

By cohibas from homestead on Jun 9, 2010

Voice Control Red and Green Party Laser Light Projector ( Dance Laser ) very good

6. Good :)

By AdamDuh from College Station, TX on May 26, 2010

Im gonna start with my lil problem
The USB only worked once, then it became really hot the 2nd time i used it. I unplugged it from my laptop, when i tried to unplug it from the laser it broke off.

Good thing i can still use it.
The lights are so awesome
I recommend ppl to buy it, cuz its so amazing! I'd upload pics but u should c the real thing. even my mom , who doesnt like those things cuz she thinks that its stupid, loved it.

7. Unbeatable deal for the Price - AWESOME!!!!

By BZB from Boston MA on Mar 10, 2010

For the price, the laser light is just phenomenal. The only thing i didnt like about it is that there seems to be no way to freeze the lights they just keep moving and blinking intermittently.

Also the stand that comes with it didnt last long (the screw got stripped) but I cant put this against the light itself.

8. Party Light

By Allen from US on Mar 2, 2010

I want to hold my birthday party, so I want to buy a stage light. When I search in google, I found this product. When I got it, it does the same as the description. Feels really very vigorous and beautiful. At that night, We had a happy birthday party. Interestingly, many of my friends asked me where to purchase this party light. At that time, I am really glad! So I decide to come back and write a review to share my happy experience.

9. Good Laser Gadget, I like it.

By Laser from UK on Mar 1, 2010

Turn on the switch, the laser light start working and then there will be a sky full of starlight. Stars will be cross-flashing. At night or dark environment, using this party laser light makes the entire space filled with small red and green stars; the stars will not stop changing the shape, the light spots are also free to rotate. And it is equipped with an adjustable speed switch, you can adjust the speed . It can also be controlled by the sound changes. When you having a party, laser lights and some appropriate music can create an unlimited fun.

10. Great Green Laser Light

By Father of Laser Gadgets from UK on Feb 23, 2010

Seems this Laser Light Projector is specifically designed for party time! After playing a DJ, my home may be a club.........

11. Great laser light show

By Disco laser projector from Santa Monica on Feb 18, 2010

This is a really great dance laser! Similar items go for over $100 at retail stores, but this one has more effects. It is a must buy especially if your having a party.

12. LOVE IT!

By LEAH from UTAH on Feb 10, 2010

WOW ! Love this product... just bought one for a party that we were throwing and everyone loved it!

13. Green and Red Dance Laser

By Stacey from Lake Tahoe on Feb 9, 2010

This thing is freaking AWSOME. I have a strange facination with lights and I bought this laser light for a party and turned it on once it was dark enough to and this thing is amazing.

14. Dance with Me

By David from San Luisbo, CA on Jan 18, 2010

Parties are always fun especially if you have cool lighting effects. It builds a club-like atmosphere where people want to get loose and have a good time. Lighting effects are also good for holiday get-togethers or even to jazz up your room. Thanks to Dekcell, you can now have your own personal club right at your fingertips.
Dekcell Voice Control Mini Laser Dancing Party Light Projector may seem small and weak, but do not let its looks fool you. This machine can get any party jumping due to its intricate and amazing light effects. What really surprised me was the size. It is about the size of a Twinky, those little cake snacks with filling inside. But it has the effects of a legit light machine that the clubs use. It comes with a tripod which you can attach the machine to. The tripod can be angled to whichever way you want it to face. Whether it is towards the ceiling, the wall, or anywhere in between. It also comes with a wall mount so you can hang it for an unobstructed platform. The machine is powered through an electric outlet, not batteries, so you will not loose power in the middle of your party.
The machine can be controlled by a remote where the patterns can be sped up or slowed down. There is also a button on the top of the unit to change the light patterns. It can also be set so that the patterns explode to the beat of the music. Every time a beat hits, it turns on and the lights explode like billions of stars colliding. The patterns are spectacular. With the green and red dots spinning and crashing into each other making different shapes. The best thing to do is to step back, watch the patterns dance, and let yourself fade in to the light show.

15. A Spetacular Party Laser Light

By Ann Party from NV on Dec 23, 2009

I was gladly to have this Amazing light for last night's pre-Christmas party. Its laser light created the awesome special effects with constant revolving and bursting stars projected on your wall and the ceiling, just like a spectacular night show that brings a Disneyland firework to your living room in front of your guests. It really impressed all of my friends. I strongly recommend this party laser light.