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Voice Control DJ Light (Laser Stage Lighting)

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Item No.: Dekcell - OS-CPA-1478-OP-SILVER

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This product is a kind of unique mini laser stage light which can give consumers such as guests, party goers and get-togethers the brand-new aesthetic and sensual enjoyness. The basic appliances include the mini green and mini red laser light, the power adapter with cable, the USB power cable, the English user manual and the tripod.
This gadget can be controlled remotely. Referring to the manual, consumers can take the following steps. Press the ON/OFF power button, and then the projectors start with countless twinkling stars automatically. The stars will be constantly revolving, morphing and bursting which are projected on the walls and ceilings by the machine, just like the celestial universe. Users can also adjust the speed patterns by pressing the speed control switch in the range of top speed, medium speed and slow speed. Press the voice control switch, it turns on the voice control station. The built-in part in the voice control activate the green and red laser lights which can burst at the beat of music and by the sound of other people. Every time a beat hits, it turns on and the lights explode like billions of stars colliding. With the green and red dots spinning and crashing into each other, different shapes are formed. The entire space is filled with stars or fireworks which will be constantly of different shapes and cross-flashing, meanwhile, the DJ light spots are free to rotate. The stage light show can transform any room into a fairy world and the lights keep moving and blinking intermittently. This machine can create the awesome, amazing and unforgettable party light effects and present the marvellous ambience to the users. This spectacular scene can leave the consumers a deep impression for party, dance, wedding, club and bar.
This product has several merits. The power input is 100-220v and the power output is 3v DC 300mA. This party DJ light can be powered through an electric outlet rather than batteries, thus the users needn't worry about the lose of power in the middle of party. The tripod is also an ideal one with the appropriate size. It can be attached to the projector and can be angled to whichever way the users want it to face, whether it's towards the wall, the ceiling or anywhere in between. The dimension is 70*49(mm) and it's easily portable.
Here are some notices. The wave length of green laser is 532nm and the wave length of red laser is 650nm. The consumers should be cautious of the radiation of the laser rays and avoid watching the laser directively with eyes or telescope. This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be placed far away from water, moisture and shake. Remember that it must be powered off after continuously working 3 hours so that the laser diode can cool down. Turn the stage light off when it's not used.
In the aesthetic perspective, the biggest and unlimited fun for utilizing this appliance is to step back, watch the different patterns dance and let yourself fade in, be drunk and fascinated in the phenomenal light show.
  • Technical Specification: Green laser wave length: 532nm. Red laser wave length: 650nm. Power input: 100-220V. Power output: 3V DC 300mA. Dimension: 70*49(mm).
  • 1 x mini green and mini red laser light. 1 x Power adapter with cable. 1x USB power cable. 1 x English User Manual. 1 x Tripod
  • Operation Instructions:
  • Remote control: A. Press ON/OFF power button, the stage light starts with twinkle stars automatically. B. Speed control switch: press 1 for top speed, press 2 for medium speed, press 3 for slow speed. C. "M" is Voice control switch. it turns on the voice control station.
  • Plug the AC adapter to the DJ light, it will start off in the voice activation mode. Press "Mode switch" once; the light switches to the automatic mode, the laser will twinkle automatically. Press again the Mode switch, it will control the speed, press fourth time it rotate back to voice sensor mode.

Product Reviews

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1. PARTAY!!!

By Gina from Detroit, MI on Nov 12, 2010

Let me put it this way, Spencer's gifts have an item like this for over $40 and it only lights up a portion of your wall. Some of the lights don't even work. One of my friends had this at her party so I asked her where she got it from. I went online that night, ordered it for ground delivery and go tthe laser light in 4 days! the packaging was okay - not the best - but my item was not damaged or anything at all. i tried it just to see how it really works - WOW!!!! it practically lit up my whole room (15x15 space) the lights do not fade and you can make the lights lit up with the sound of your voice. i would say this is a really nice party light and i definitely recommend them.

2. oooohwee!!

By Steve from Maryville on Oct 29, 2010

EVERYONE had fun at my party last weekend. This laser light is small but packs so much power and did it mention.... FUN!!!! I had a family reunion and kids and senior citizens both loved it. Well, some of my older aunties had a headache but they had fun. Thanks!

3. Good Stage light

By Lick from California on Jun 23, 2010

This stage light create a unforgettable effect. I held a successful birthday party. My friend also like this gadget.