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Vacuum Cleaners

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 Items Pages:  1
Tips When Using A Vacuum Cleaner
1. Check out the dust bag is cleaned before using it.
2. The working time for vacuum cleaner should be within two hours for continuous using to avoid any damage by overheating the motor.
3.For a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with dust indicator?make a wipe-up for a stop when it appears a full-gear dust collector.
4. Stay a vacuum cleaner away from any water pump, radiant or cooking stoves.
5. Make sure necessary protection of the protective layer for insulation from any breakage by its exposure and frequent dragging.
6. Wipe out all refuse inside of the fitting cleaner to keep anything sharp from being taken in and impair the motor.
7. Avoid hands or feet approaching to the mouth to avoid any risk of danger.
8. Vacuum cleaners are not designed to vacuum metals or lighting cigarette ends which would impair the motor and dust bag.
9. Be sure not to vacuum any sludge or other fluid in case of causing electricity leak and motor impairment.