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BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)
  • BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)
  • BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)
  • BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)
  • BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)
  • BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)

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BYD E27 GL-04D 4.8W LED White Light Bulb 100V~250V 40W Equivalent (Day Light)

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Item No.: BYD - LED-3001

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Service lifetime of LED bulb is up to 20 years (5 hours per day) which is 40 times longer than incandescent bulb, using only 12% of the energy as compare to incandescent

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PG&E and other California utilities plan to create attractive customer incentives for cost-effective LED products that prove they can satisfy customer performance and energy savings needs.
David Alexander, Project Manager, PG&E

Quick Benefit facts

Electricity saving: Use next-generation LEDs as replacement for output of plenty of indoor lighting (comparable to 40W regular light while consuming only 4.8 W of energy),
Save power consumption up to 40% of light bulb, 50% of fluorescent lamp and 80% of incandescent bulb
Estimate Saving $41.72 annually*; Costs $2.10 to run per year*; Pays for itself in less than 2 years
Luminous Flux: 280LM
Efficacy: 58.3 Lm/W
Service Life: 40,000 Hours or 40x longer than incandescent bulb
Maximum Diameter:59
Voltage: 100-250V

Interface: E27 It's a drop-in, screw-in replacement that can instantly replace any indoor bulb
Color: Day Light white - Great for task activity lighting and promoting alertness.
Beam Angle: 120 degree
Overall length: 108mm
Heat radiating material: Aluminum Alloy
Lampshade material: high-light transmission PC (Poly Carbonate)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty: One year
Certification: certificated by National Quality System FCC、CB、CE、EN62471

*At 8 hours usage per day, 365 days per year at $0.15/kWh

LED-3001 Light

  • Benefits of LED Bulb
  • BYD LED bulbs are ideal for public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on.
  • Costs under $4.00 to run per YEAR
  • Luminous Flux of 280 LM and day light of 5500-6500K without strobe flash protect your eyes from any blaze at the most.
  • Long service life: On average we have our lamps switched on for 5 hrs per day. The actual burning hours depend on the season (winter vs. summer), the weather conditions (sunny vs. dark, rainy day) and the room where the lamp is used (bathroom vs. living room). This LED lamp will last at least 40,000 hours, thus 20 years, as 40 times as that of average incandescent light.
  • High power consumption: 4.8W LED bulb saves above 88% energy, compared with 40W incandescent light of the same brightness.
  • Environmental protection: LED bulb does not include mercury nor ultraviolet radiation,resulting to no harm to human beings or the environment.
  • Low cost in life cycle: in the longevity of 40,000 hours, each LED bulb can save electricity as much as over $834 than incandescent light.
  • Wide application: LED lights apply to corridors, washing rooms, kitchen and other places of family illumination or public in need of replacement of incandescent lamps.
  • High safety factor: Little Voltage and Amps are required and less heat is produced, saving you from any potential hazard.
  • Convenient replacement: This LED bulb can replace any incandescent lights on E 27 screw-thread lamp base, desk lamp and other electric incandescent lamp in the room.
  • High luminous efficiency and little heat radiation: 90% electricity of LED bulb is converted into visible light, while an average incandescent lights, merely 20% converted and the rest 80% heat energy.
  • High-light transmission PC (Poly Carbonate) is anti-impact and breakage-proof, giving out distinct and tender even light without blaze, ultraviolet light or any other harmful lights.
  • Radiating aluminum holder and heat-conduct lacquer reduce the luminous output degradation as well as the raw material cost.
  • LED bulb operates more efficiently and greenhouse gas emissions can be cut significantly.


Take a leap to a Breakthrough on LED Technology

  • Light Output Comparable to a 40 Watts Incandescent (Cool White Bulb)
  • Crisp, Room-Filling Light
  • Lasts for over 40,000 Hours
  • Costs under $6.00 to run per YEAR
  • Active Thermal Management: Runs Cool, Stays Cool
  • Contains no Mercury or Hazordous Substances
  • Will Not Shatter
  • No Flickering, No Headaches

LED light, Fluorescent and Incandescent Comparison Chart

  LED Bulb Fluorescent Incandescent
Power (watt) 4.8W 12W 48W
Life Span (hours) 40,000 6,000 1,000
KWh of electricity (used 40k hours) 276 480 2,400
Feature Low energy consumption, with neither mercury nor ultraviolet radiation With mercury and ultraviolet radiation High energy consumption


Product Reviews

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1. Good Light

By Gerry from Oklahoma on Nov 2, 2010

The price for this LED light is competitive compared to other retailers but since I purchased other products @ Brilliant Store before, they are pretty much my GO TO website. This light is bright and it def does what it's suppose to say. I've used LED lights around my house before and I'm pretty happy with the results. It does save u energy. So far, so good - no complaints from Brilliant Store!! Thanks.