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Magic Dish/ Coin into Glass Magic Trick

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  • Effect: To make a coin into a glass, on the dish, without moving and destroy the glass face the customers.
  • Property: Dish (a special dish), a one Yuan coin (Chinese coin), two piece of fifty cent (three coins, one is big, the other two are the same and small), one glass.
  • Preparation: Dish is a special one, take the dish mouth up, press the bottom of the dish with your thumb, you may hear "pa" (the bottom will become concave, if you press on the other side, there will be a bounce, it needs practice), you may prepare a glass before performance or you could use a glass when you perform. It is a glass which should be seen through. Put a small coin under the big one, then put them on the palm, the other small one is beside the big on.
  • Performance: Ask the audience to choose one coin (used the force chosen method), if the audience choose the big one, you put the big coin and hidden small coin on the dish, if the audience choose the small one, you may give the small one to him, and say you keep this,, and then put the big coin and the hidden small coin on the dish.
  • Attention: The coins should be placed on the concave, and the small one should be hidden under the big one, do not let the audience see. When you put the big coin on the dish, the small one is easy to appear, so it needs practice till you perform well.
  • After coin being placing on the dish, let the glass cover the coin.
  • Then what we will do is the holding shamed sleight, put the coin from right hand to left hand, left sham holding near the glass, the right hand place on the bottom of the glass, you may say one, two, three, the left hand seems to throw the coin into the glass, the second finger press the bottom of the dish, the two coins will bounce, it seems like the coin is thrown into the glass by left hand.
  • When the audience check the property, put away the hidden coin, if you have the coin disappear (which is another property we produce), you may make the coin disappear, it will be much better.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 30g

  • Package Content: 1 x Magic Dish

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