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Extraordinary Functional Cards Magic Trick

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Effect: Put one ordinary cigarette or coin on extraordinary function card flatly. When magician uses his magic, these cigarette or coin will automatically stand upright and dance freely. These properties can be checked by the audience.
  • Preparation:Put one poker card that has the same suit with the property card in trousers pocket.
  • Property:One special poker card and one ordinary poker card with the same suit.
  • Act:
  • First borrow one cigarette or coin from the audience.
  • Use right hand to hold the knob of property card and take up the card with front side on the top. (At the same time use the thumb of right hand to hold reverse side of the card and use forefinger or right hand to hold front side).
  • Slightly rotate the knob into about 15 degree angle between thimble and the card.
  • While communicating with audience, take up the cigarette quickly and insert cigarette ends onto the knob with left hand. Then rotate the poker card with reverse side of card on the top. Now the cigarette has been inserted onto reverse side of the property card. (Make the cigarette face th audience to avoid they see the knob).
  • Slightly rotate the knob and then the cigarette will automatically stand upright. If rotate the knob clockwise and counter-clockwise, then the cigarette will dance on the poker card.
  • While communicating with the audience, take off the cigarette quickly, put the property card into trousers pockets and change to the ordinary card with the same suit. Then hand the card to the audience for checking.
  • If you use one coin to act, then just directly put the coin onto the knob and use the same method to act.

  • Material: Paper
  • Weight:124g

  • Package Contents: 1 x Extraordinary Functional Cards, 1 x User Manual

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