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Mini Split Air Conditioners

The mini split air conditioner has two units: the compressor unit which sits outside of the home, and the air handler unit which sits inside the home. Like all air conditioners you need to know how many BTUs you need to cool the area you are trying to cool. A mini split air conditioner is very quiet and efficient, but it is more expensive than a window or portable air conditioner. Since they are ductless (Ventless), the mini split air conditioners avoid the energy losses associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems.

How to Reduce the Consumption of Air Conditioner

In the summer, residents consume a large amount of electricity mostly because of the use of air conditioner. Therefore, the air conditioner energy saving can be said to be an important means of energy-saving appliances. In the peak, if you increase the temperature of the air conditioner 1 degree based on the temperature you fill comfortable, air conditioner can save 10% of the electricity. If you use the air-conditioned sleep function, you can save 20% electricity. If air conditioner's temperature increases 1 degree in a 300-room hotel, dozens of families needn't to worry about the problem of electricity. In addition, saving 1 kWh of electricity equal to save 0.4 kg of standard coal, 4 liters of water, and reduce the 0.272 kg of toner dust, 0.997 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide. Air conditioner electricity saving allows us to save energy and reduces household expenditure. Scientific evidence shows that humans feel comfortable indoor temperature in summer is 24 degree - 28 degree, in winter is 18 degree -22 degree. In particular, if the air relative humidity is 50%, the temperature is 25 degree, the body feels most comfortable. The following energy-saving methods can be used as reference.

First of all, do not blindly seek low temperature. Air temperature should be set in the appropriate range. Because when the air conditioner is in the cooling time, you increase the temperature by 2 ?, 20% of the electricity can be saved. Experts said that room temperature between 27 degree and 28 degree is the best for the sit-ins or people who work in mild progress. In order to save electricity, you can even set the air conditioner to sleep state.

Second, choose an air conditioner with moderate cooling power. Under-power air conditioner not only can not provide adequate refrigeration, and low power will shorten the life of air conditioner as long uninterrupted operation, and increase the possibility of failure. But this does not mean choosing an air conditioner with larger cooling power must be better. If the air conditioner's cooling power is too large, it will make air conditioner's thermostat switch frequently and result in increasing wear on the air conditioner compressor. Meanwhile, the excessive power could cause the increase in consumption.

Third, when the air conditioning running, close doors and windows. In the room installed air conditioner, you do not frequently open the door to reduce infiltration of hot air. For ventilatory air conditioner and window air conditioner, if the room is not smell, you could not open ventilation. It can save 5% -8% of energy.

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