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Wonder Metal and Plastic G900201-Terra Cotta VermiHut Worm Bin- 3 Unit Tray

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Item No.: SCD - G900201

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The stackable VermiHut worm composter design allows food waste to be put into the bottom tray with redworms bedding and food scraps. As the worms finish digesting they will migrate upward into the tray above leaving rich castings behind. The stacking tray feature allows users to add up to seven trays to meet their growing compost demands. In full operation a 5 tray VermiHut system houses approximately 10 000 to 12 000 worms (10 lb) and can consumes 4-5 pounds of food a day. It is very ease to assemble and can be stored indoor or outdoor. The waterproof lid was specially designed with handle for ease use. This lid is designed to ventilate air and moisture so that the composter environment is comfortable for worms. The lid universally fits into the existing trays in the worm composter market. Out of all kinds of worm composters in the market the VermiHut is the most efficient producing the most compost in the least amount of space. The bins are made of 100% recycle materials and have 5 year limited warranty.
Options to have various vermiculture accessories such as compost thermometers claw pH meter moisture meters and kitchen garbage food bucket and worm tea bucket.
  • Deluxe worm compost system
  • One 3-Tray Worm Bin and one S.S
  • Kitchen compost pail
  • Dimensions:
  • The shipping dimensions are: 3-tray unit: 16.5''x16.5''12.5''
  • 4-tray unit: 16.5''x16.5''x14''
  • 5-tray unit: 16.5''x16.5''x16''
  • Assembled size: 16''x16''x28''
  • Height depends on the number of trays used.
  • Weights:
  • The shipping weights: 3-tray unit: 12Ib4-tray unit: 13lb5-tray unit: 14lb

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