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Amazon Kindle Batteries: Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 Replacement Battery

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 Items Pages:  1
Welcome to Amazon Kindle Battery Store! Amazon Kindle PDA Battery Store offers replacement batteries for Amazon Kindle 1 and Amazon Kindle 2. After several months of moderate use, the original battery that came with the Kindle will went from working great to flat dead. We would definitely recommend that you buy at least one extra replacement battery to have around just in case you find yourself inconvenienced by this product. All Amazon Kindle batteries are brand new and have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed the OEM specifications. And they can last performance with your Kindle in a long time.

Our Amazon Kindle batteries are OEM and have certified by CE and RoHS . The size, materials and capacity are equivalent as the original Kindle battery. They can achieve the same performance and longevity as the official battery. Although Amazon's new Kindle has a longer battery life, it is not by improving the battery cell to increase usage time. Here are the factors:
First, compare both of the battery's characteristics. Both batteries are equipped with lithium-polymer rechargeable cells, 3.7V voltage, 1530mAh capacity. Dimension is the same with the old one: 65mm × 44mm. Neither battery identifies the name of the manufacturer, so the new kindle 2 maybe use the same battery with Kindle 1.
Secondly, let us look at Kindle performance index. Although the new Amazon kindle battery-powered time has extended longer 25% than the old products, it did not achieved this by replacing the battery cell. It seems that Amazon changed the e-paper controller IC, improved driving method, thus reducing power consumption.
You can reassure of purchasing them!

Now, here is how to replace your Amazon Kindle battery.
Open the cover of Kindle by gently pressing down both your thumbs near the cover's center while pushing it to the side.
Gently pry the Kindle battery out of its socket with your fingernail. Pull the wiring connector off of the battery. Don't dislodge or loosen the white square underneath the Kindle battery.
Make sure the new battery is the correct replacement by comparing it with the old Kindle battery. It should be the same size and have the same wiring connector.
Push the connector onto the battery. Gently seed the battery back into the socket.
Slide the Kindle cover back into position until it snaps into place.