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Microsoft Zune Batteries

Welcome to Microsoft Zune Battery Store! This store only offers MP3 player replacement batteries for Microsoft Zune MP3 player. They are high-tech products that made from high-qulity materials. All Microsoft Zune Batteries we sell are brand new and have been rigorously tested by our staff to ensure that they can meet OEM specifications and work well with your MP3 player. Buy with confidence! We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service. Most orders will be shipped within 24 hours. We also provide one year warranty and 30 days money back on every Microsoft Zune MP3 player battery we sold.
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Items Pages:  1
Based on the current tested data, the first Microsoft Zune battery can provide 12 hours music time.
Allegedly, when Zune player playing 128kbps MP3 file, the battery life is more than 12 hours, video time is 3.5 hours, Time of demonstrating pictures is 4.5 hours.
Comparing with iPod, 30GB iPod battery can provide 14 hours music time, 4 hours video time. 60GB iPod battery is 20 hours music time / 6 hours video time.
However, Zune screen is larger than the iPod and supporting the wireless transmission function, higher power consumption is also understandable.
How about your Zune battery life? Is it able to achieve 12 hour? If not, how long is the battery life? If your Zune battery always is always quickly exhausted, it is time to buy a replacement battery.