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Portable Air Conditioners

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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 Items Pages:  1 2
Portable air conditioners are great because they can be moved from room to room as needed throughout the day. They also require very little installation work. Power for portable air conditioners is rated by BTU. Generally the higher BTU an air conditioner has, the more cooling power it has. Here are the general guidelines for selecting portable air conditioners: 7500 BTU - 150 square feet, 9000 BTU - 200 square feet, 10000 BTU - 250 square feet, 12000 BTU - 350 square feet, 13000 BTU - 400 square feet. If you cannot find the right portable air conditioner or have any questions, please contact us, our experienced sales staff will help you find what you are looking for.

The Principles of Buying Air Conditioner

(1) Choose Good Brands

Now air conditioners are diverse on the market, and each brand has its own attractive advertising, so consumers are difficult in choosing a good brand. If you want to buy air conditioner, we recommend you choose companies with great strength, well-known brand and excellent after-sales service. There are two advantages to do this. First of all, it can implement the after-sales service. Because the air conditioner is a large household appliance, after-sales service is very important. Compressor should be warranty for 3 years. However, in the home appliance market, competition is intense. Some manufacturers tend to live shorter, and even some manufacturers go bankrupt in three to five years. If the company goes bankrupt, it is naturally difficult to implement the commitments. If you always get petty, buy air conditioner from weaker companies may be no end of trouble for the future. You can rest assured. The above air conditioners are well-known brands. Second, strong and well-known company, relatively speaking, will invest more in the quality of air conditioners. Therefore, the quality of air conditioner will be more stable and secure.

(2) Pick up Good Stores

After the selected air conditioner brands, consumers have to decide where to buy. When you buy air conditioners, selecting stores is particularly important. Strictly speaking, the air conditioner is a semi-finished product, not able to be used immediately after buy from store. It has to go through professional installation and commissioning. If the installation and commissioning is not correct, it will bring a series of problems, such as air can not be empty, pipeline leaks, human error in the debugging etc. Moreover, many after-sales service of manufacturers also need to be performed by store's staff. Therefore, selecting the best stores is essential.

(3) Consider the Size of Space

Air conditioner is large consumptive appliances, if you choose a low-power air conditioner, it is no effect, and too much power is wasted. Therefore, when you decide to buy air conditioner, you would consider how much power is best according to house space. In general, you could calculate the required cooling power and room heating power by the following formula.
Cooling power = room area x (140W to 180W);
Heating power = room area x (180W to 240W).
You may make the appropriate change under the direction room, floor level and sealing.
In addition, you must be reasonable to buy air conditioner according to the design of the room. Do not buy a large air conditioner in the living room to refrigerate whole house, it is difficult to achieve the full room cooling, but also wasteful. You'd better to buy one air conditioner separately for each room.

(4) Skillfully Choose Time

Buying air conditioner is different from buying most other household appliances. Air conditioner prices will fluctuate with changes in temperature. The previous year in October to the end of March next year is off-season. And April to September is the peak season. Peak season and off-season's price difference is 7% -10%. So when you buy air conditioner, if time is correct, you can save a lot of expenses.
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