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Printer Accessories

The fastest way to find the accessory you need is searching by "model number" or "part number", such as "Epson R300 Ribbon".

Featured Products

Printer Accessories below are provided by Sercomp, including Inkjet Cartridges, Laser Toners, Printer Ribbons, Thermal Fax Ribbons. Your can use them in the following printers: IBM, Printronix, DEC LA, Tally, Okidata, HP, Epson, Panasonic, Star SP, Fujitsu, Citizen, Dell, Canon, Lexmark, Sharp, Xerox, Brother and more. All printer accessories are manufactured using specialized technology, and they have been rigorously tested to meet OEM specifications. Please select your correct accessories follow the OEM part number.

How to maintain the printer

1. The printer must be placed in a smooth horizontal plane. You try not to place the printer on the carpet, to avoid dust contamination.

2. When you do not use the printer, cover the printer with a soft cloth. This is to prevent dust and other dirt into the inside of the printer, dirty printer nozzle, affect print quality.

3. Do not put anything on the printer, in particular liquid or other small objects may flow into the printer, damage the printer accessories.

4. Before unplug the power cord or signal cable, you need to turn the printer off first, it is to make printer cartridges can be re-irrigation and to prevent the ink to dry. Sometimes, when you press the power switch, the printer will not immediately shut down, but move cartridges a few times. Then we must patiently wait for a while.

5. As the cartridge support is very sophisticated, it should be handled with care. In order to avoid damage to support and document distortion, you do not push the support and cartridge has been installed in printer.

6. After replacing the cartridge or in the print process, if you notice that the printed result is not satisfactory, such as streaks, bleaching or print quality has declined. This shows that print head long-term not be used, and solidification of the ink plug the print head nozzles. You may enable the printer's "print head cleaning function" to get better print results.

7. If you want to clean the printer, you can wipe it with a clean soft cloth, not use alcohol and other liquids, try not to touch the parts inside the printer.