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International Orders

International Shipping with Bongo International

BrilliantStore have partnered with Bongo International to fulfill our international orders. Bongo provides our international visitors with their own US forwarding address. Having a Bongo address provides you with multiple benefits:

  • Ability to purchase from any US based retail store
  • Ability to save money by consolidating multiple purchases
  • Ability to make sure your order was fulfilled correctly
  • Ability to view images of your goods before they are shipped overseas

Upon completing your Bongo registration, you will be able to check out at our site.


The process of Bongo International

When you make a purchase from Brilliant Store, we send the shipment domestically to the US address Bongo have provided you with your account. You will need to make sure you give Bongo your order number and shipping detail. Otherwise, there can be a delay in the processing of your shipment. It is also important to contact your credit card company so you can add this US address as a viable "ship to" address. This will allow us to see Bongo warehouse as a valid shipping address.


Consolidation is the process of packaging multiple items into one Shipment. Bongo will create a commercial invoice that will list all of your items in the box along with their values. The package is then sealed and sent to it's final destination. Consolidation helps Bongo customers save a tremendous amount of money on shipping as the cost per pound decreases as the weight of a shipment increases.

Store your items at your US Address

Bongo will hold items as long as you like on the condition that your account remains in good standing. Bongo will hold items for 45 days free of charge. After that Bongo charge $5 per week per item. Storage is only available to subscription customers.