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External Laptop Battery Charger Compatible with Sony PCG-GR VGN-A Series Laptop Batteries

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Item No.: PortaTechs - PLT-6203WP

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External laptop battery charger compatible with Sony PCGA-BP2EA, PCGA-BP2E, PCG-GR, VGN-A Series Laptop Batteries.
Note: Battery shown in the picture is not included with the battery charger.

  • Charger specs.:
  • Condition: Brand New. Made in Taiwan.
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240v AC
  • Output Voltage: 12.6V DC
  • Output Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Color: Black
  • Model: HES33-S128250
  • Compatible with battery part numbers:
  • VGN-A Series: VGN-A130, VGN-A130B, VGN-A130P, VGN-A140, VGN-A140B, VGN-A140P, VGN-A150, VGN-A160, VGN-A170, VGN-A170B, VGN-A170P, VGN-A190, VGN-A190F, VGN-A230, VGN-A230B, VGN-A230P, VGN-A240, VGN-A240B, VGN-A240P, VGN-A250, VGN-A260, VGN-A270, VGN-A270B, VGN-A270P, VGN-A290, VGN-A290F, VGN-A600, VGN-A600B, VGN-A600P, VGN-A690, VGN-A790.
  • V PCG-GR Series: PCG-GR150K, PCG-GR170K, PCG-GR18C, PCG-GR250, PCG-GR250P, PCG-GR270, PCG-GR270K, PCG-GR270P, PCG-GR290, PCG-GR290K, PCG-GR290P, PCG-GR3 Series, PCG-GR300, PCG-GR370, PCG-GR370K, PCG-GR370P, PCG-GR390, PCG-GR390K, PCG-GR390P, PCG-GR3BP, PCG-GR3F, PCG-GR5 Series, PCG-GR5BP, PCG-GR5E, PCG-GR5F, PCG-GR5N, PCG-GR7, PCG-GR7 Series, -GR7E, PCG-GR7F, PCG-GR7K, PCG-GR9, PCG-GR9 Series, PCG-GR90 Series, PCG-GR90E, PCG-GR90F, PCG-GR90K, PCG-GR90P, PCG-GR9BP, -GR9E, PCG-GR9F, PCG-GR9K.

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