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External Laptop Battery Charger for Toshiba PA3382U-1BRS PA3382U-1BAS PA3384U-1BRS PA3384U-1BAS

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Item No.: PortaTechs - PLT-T3382WP

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External laptop battery charger for Toshiba PA3382U-1BRS, PA3382U-1BAS, PA3384U-1BRS, PA3384U-1BAS, S1592ST, S1691ST, Satellite A60, A65 series Rating 14.8V laptop batteries.
Note: Battery shown in the picture is not included with the battery charger.
  • Charger Specs.:
  • Condition: Brand New. Generic Brand. Made in Taiwan.
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC 0.16~0.52A 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: +17.5V DC
  • Output Charging Current: 1.5A
  • Color: Black
  • P/N: 85-101900-00
  • PSU: HES33-S170150
  • Cabl Model: PLT-T3382W
  • Compatibilities:
  • Toshiba part numbers:
  • PA3382U-1BRS, PA3382U-1BAS, PA3384U-1BRS, PA3384U-1BAS, S1592ST, S1691ST.
  • Fits Laptop Models:
  • Toshiba Satellite A60/A65 Series:
  • Satellite A60-102, A60-106, A60-110, A60-111, A60-116, A60-117, A60-120, A60-122, A60-123, A60-124, A60-127, A60-129, A60-142, A60-144, A60-145, A60-149, A60-150, A60-151, A60-154, A60-160, A60-170, A60-174, A60-180, A60-185, A60-186, A60-197, A60-198, A60-201, A60-202, A60-212, A60-218, A60-219, A60-302, A60-310, A60-332, A60-352, A60-632, A60-652, A60-662, A60-672, A60-682, A60-692, A60-712, A60-723, A60-742, A60-743, A60-752, A60-762, A60-772, A60-793, A60-2001, A60-CJW, A60-JL1, A60-S110, A60-S130, A60-S135, A60-S156, A60-S159, A60-S166, A60-S310, A60-S330, A60-S331, A60-S430, A60-S535, A60-S536, A60-S537, A60-S1561, A60-S1591, A60-S1661, A60-S1662, A60-SP126, A60-SP159, A60-SP176, A60-WM1.
  • Satellite A65-S126, A65-S136, A65-S1062, A65-S1063, A65-S1064, A65-S1065, A65-S1066, A65-S1067, A65-S1068, A65-S1069, A65-S1070, A65-S1261, A65-S1361, A65-S1362, A65-S1662, A65-S1762, A65-SP126, A65-SP159, A65-SP176.

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