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7200mAh Battery for Toshiba Satellite A200 A205 A210 A215 M200 M205 Pro A200 A210 Dynabook AX TX

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5132H

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 Voltage  10.80V  Capacity  7200mAh
 Type  Lithium Ion  Cells  9 Cell

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  • Brand:Dekcell
  • Part Number:BL-5132H
  • Description:Compatible Toshiba Part Numbers: PA3534U-1BRS, PA3535U-1BAS, PA3535U-1BRS, PABAS098, PABAS09. Li-ion, 10.80V 7200mAh (High Capacity. Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • Product Type:Battery
  • Color:Black
  • Battery Type:9-Cell Li-ion
  • Output Voltage:10.80Volts
  • Capacity:7200mAh
  • Compatible Product:Laptop Computers
  • Compatible Brand:Toshiba
  • Compatible Models:Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, M200, M205 series, Satellite Pro A200, A210 Series, Dynabook AX, TX Series, Dynabook Satellite T30, T31 Series, Equium A200 series
  • Warranty:1Year
  • UPC:815252279698

Compatible Toshiba Model Number

Dynabook AX/52EDynabook AX/53CDynabook AX/53DDynabook AX/54CDynabook AX/54D
Dynabook AX/55CDynabook AX/55DDynabook AX/55EDynabook AX/55EPDynabook AX/57E
Dynabook TX/65CDynabook TX/65DDynabook TX/65EDynabook TX/66CDynabook TX/66D
Dynabook TX/66EDynabook TX/66EPDynabook TX/67CDynabook TX/67DDynabook TX/67E
Dynabook TX/68DDynabook TX/68EEquium A200-15iEquium A200-196Equium A200-1AC
Satellite A200-10NSatellite A200-110Satellite A200-12FSatellite A200-12QSatellite A200-13E
Satellite A200-13LSatellite A200-13MSatellite A200-13TSatellite A200-13USatellite A200-13V
Satellite A200-14SSatellite A200-14XSatellite A200-17OSatellite A200-17XSatellite A200-180
Satellite A200-182Satellite A200-18MSatellite A200-18TSatellite A200-18WSatellite A200-191
Satellite A200-193Satellite A200-195Satellite A200-19CSatellite A200-19ISatellite A200-19K
Satellite A200-19MSatellite A200-1A9Satellite A200-1AASatellite A200-1ABSatellite A200-1Ai
Satellite A200-1ASSatellite A200-1BWSatellite A200-1CCSatellite A200-1CGSatellite A200-1DA
Satellite A200-1DNSatellite A200-1DQSatellite A200-1DRSatellite A200-1DSSatellite A200-1DT
Satellite A200-1E1Satellite A200-1G6Satellite A200-1G9Satellite A200-1GDSatellite A200-1GF
Satellite A200-1HUSatellite A200-1O5Satellite A200-1O6Satellite A200-1O7Satellite A200-1QU
Satellite A200-1QZSatellite A200-1SCSatellite A200-1SVSatellite A200-1TBSatellite A200-1TJ
Satellite A200-1UMSatellite A200-ST2041Satellite A200-ST2042Satellite A200-ST2043Satellite A205-S4537
Satellite A205-S4557Satellite A205-S4567Satellite A205-S4577Satellite A205-S4578Satellite A205-S4587
Satellite A205-S4597Satellite A205-S4607Satellite A205-S4617Satellite A205-S4618Satellite A205-S4629
Satellite A205-S4638Satellite A205-S4639Satellite A205-S4707Satellite A205-S4777Satellite A205-S4787
Satellite A205-S4797Satellite A205-S7442Satellite A205-S7443Satellite A205-S7456Satellite A205-S7458
Satellite A205-S7459Satellite A205-S7464Satellite A205-S7466Satellite A205-S7468Satellite A210-103
Satellite A210-106Satellite A210-109Satellite A210-10ASatellite A210-10CSatellite A210-10L
Satellite A210-10YSatellite A210-111Satellite A210-117Satellite A210-11KSatellite A210-11P
Satellite A210-128Satellite A210-12USatellite A210-12ZSatellite A210-130Satellite A210-131
Satellite A210-135Satellite A210-149Satellite A210-14TSatellite A210-14USatellite A210-151
Satellite A210-15ASatellite A210-15YSatellite A210-16YSatellite A210-172Satellite A210-173
Satellite A210-17RSatellite A210-17SSatellite A210-17XSatellite A210-17ZSatellite A210-ST1616
Satellite A215-S4697Satellite A215-S4717Satellite A215-S4737Satellite A215-S4747Satellite A215-S4757
Satellite A215-S4767Satellite A215-S4807Satellite A215-S4817Satellite A215-S7408Satellite A215-S7414
Satellite A215-S7422Satellite A215-S7427Satellite A215-S7428Satellite A215-S7433Satellite A215-S7444
Satellite A215-S7447Satellite A215-S7472Satellite M200-ST2001Satellite M200-ST2002Satellite M205-S3207
Satellite M205-S3217Satellite M205-S7452Satellite M205-S7453Satellite Pro A200-16BSatellite Pro A200-16N
Satellite Pro A200-16YSatellite Pro A200-18PSatellite Pro A200-1AQSatellite Pro A200-1ERSatellite Pro A200-1ET
Satellite Pro A200-1JWSatellite Pro A200-1K4Satellite Pro A200-1KQSatellite Pro A200-1KWSatellite Pro A200-1LZ
Satellite Pro A200-1MNSatellite Pro A200-1MTSatellite Pro A200-1MVSatellite Pro A200-1OJSatellite Pro A200-1PN
Satellite Pro A200-1POSatellite Pro A200-1PPSatellite Pro A200-1SWSatellite Pro A200GE-1F9Satellite Pro A200HD-1U3
Satellite Pro A200HD-1U4Satellite Pro A200SE-16ZSatellite Pro A200SE-1F7Satellite Pro A200SE-1H4Satellite Pro A200SE-1PS
Satellite Pro A200SE-1TCSatellite Pro A210-16VSatellite Pro A210-16WSatellite Pro A210-175Satellite Pro A210-176
Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201Satellite Pro A210-EZ2202XSatellite Pro A210-EZ2203XSatellite Pro A210-EZ2204XSatellite T30 160C/5W
Satellite T30 166E/5WSatellite T31 186C/5WSatellite T31 200E/5W

Compatible Toshiba Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.8 out of 5) based on 6 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Pretty nice merchant for computer and electronics

By JOFRE from Hawaii on Apr 29, 2011

Overall, this website has been a pretty nice merchant for computer and electronics merchandise. They usually have the best prices, the reviews are helpful, and the shipping speed is quick. That"s totally what a customer wants from a seller.

2. My long-term partner

By Charles from Puerto Rico on Dec 21, 2010

I've ordered a number of PC items from brilliantstore in the past year. I am satisfied with every order I've placed and consider it the BEST on-line retailer in the business I've met.

3. Great Battery - Excellent Price

By FDNY Wife from New York on Mar 28, 2010

Just bought this battery to replace my original laptop battery - I am able to get 4 hours out of this battery which is great. I also like the tilt feature, and you can't beat the price! Also, super fast shipping!

4. MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Gamer from Trench on Feb 26, 2010

High Capacity for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Good Store and Service

By steve from Oklahoma on Oct 5, 2008

This company is excellent. After a couple of orders, I keep going back to them. Even when I had to return an item for a replacement, the turnaround for the RMA and the replacement was faster than I expected. The not-so-intelligent individuals at the Post Office delivered it to the wrong address. The Brilliant Store was nice enough to send me another one, no questions asked. I could truly not ask for a better company with better customer service. Thank you, Thank you!!

6. Flaw but Good Service

By Elizabeth from Texas on May 4, 2008

There was a problem with ship charges too high on this order. Their staff resolved completely and swiftly. I'm not an extremely frequent or large quantity buyer, but with rare exception, it's only place I go to. This group has set a whole new standard for online marketing.