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Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite L310 M300 M305 U400 , Satellite Pro M300 U400, Equium U400 and Portege M800 Series

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5135

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 Color  Black  Voltage  10.8V
 Capacity  4800mAh  Type  Lithium Ion
 Cells  6 Cell

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An excellent laptop battery providing a stable output and good battery life. The extended battery life will enhances the mobility of the laptop. The inferior batteries may be short-lived and might be extremely vulnerable to overheating. This laptop replacement battery is designed for Toshiba Satellite, Satellite Pro, Equium and Portege series. And it meets or exceeds the OEM specifications. Buy with confidence!
  • Replacement Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite L310 M300 M305 U400 U405 U405D, Satellite Pro M300 U400, Equium U400, Portege M800 Series
  • Compatible with Toshiba Part Number: PA3634U-1BAS, PA3635U-1BAM, PA3635U-1BRM, PA3636U-1BRL, PA3638U-1BAP, PABAS117, PABAS118, PA3728U-1BRS
  • Toshiba Laptop Battery Type: Li-ion, 10.8V, 4800mAh, Black
  • Brand new, one year warranty!
  • For following Toshiba notebook model number:
  • Toshiba Satellite L310 Series: L311, L312, L315, L317, L322, L323
  • Toshiba Satellite M300 Series: M300-600, M300-700-R, M300-900, M300-J00, M300-ST3401, M300-ST3402,M300-ST3403, M300-ST4060, M301, M302, M306, M307, M308, M310, M311, M320, M321, M323, M325, M326, M327, M328, M332, M336, M338, M339
  • Toshiba Satellite M305 Series: M305-S4815, M305-S4819, M305-S4820, M305-S4822, M305-S4826, M305-S4835, M305-S4991E
  • Toshiba Satellite U400 Series: U400-108, U400-10I, U400-10J, U400-10L, U400-10M, U400-10N, U400-10O, U400-10T, U400-112, U400-11L, U400-11Q, U400-11T, U400-12R, U400-13T, U400-14B, U400-14M, U400-14P, U400-15E, U400-17H, U400-C01, U400-ST3301, U400-ST3302, U400-ST5404, U400-ST6301
  • Toshiba Satellite U405 Series: U405-S2817, U405-S2820, U405-S2824, U405-S2826, U405-S2830, U405-S2833, U405-S2854, U405-S2856, U405-S2882, U405-S2920, U405-ST550W
  • Toshiba Satellite U405D Series: U405D-S2846, U405D-S2848, U405D-S2850, U405D-S2852
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro M300 Series: M300-EZ1001V, M300-EZ1001X, M300-S1002V, M300-S1002X
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series: U400-10H, U400, U400-114, U400-11O, U400-11V, U400-122, U400-123, U400-126, U400-127, U400-12F, U400-12Y, U400-130, U400-13A, U400-13D, U400-13O, U400-142, U400-153, U400-15I, U400-15Q, U400-18S, U400-S1001V, U400-S1001X, U400-S1301
  • Toshiba Portege M800 Series: M800-101, M800-105, M800-106, M800-10A, M800-10C, M800-10D, M800-10N, M800-10V, M800-10W, M800-113, M800-116, M800-701, M800, M801, M802, M803, M805, M806, M807, M808, M810, M820, M821, M822, M823, M825
  • Toshiba Equium U400 Series: U400-124, U400-145, U400-146

Compatible Toshiba Model Number

Equium U400-124Equium U400-145Equium U400-146Portege M800Portege M800-101
Portege M800-105Portege M800-106Portege M800-10APortege M800-10CPortege M800-10D
Portege M800-10NPortege M800-10VPortege M800-10WPortege M800-113Portege M800-116
Portege M800-701Portege M801Portege M802Portege M803Portege M805
Portege M806Portege M807Portege M808Portege M810Portege M820
Portege M821Portege M822Portege M823Portege M825Satellite L311
Satellite L312Satellite L315Satellite L317Satellite L322Satellite L323
Satellite M300-600Satellite M300-700-RSatellite M300-900Satellite M300-J00Satellite M300-ST3401
Satellite M300-ST3402Satellite M300-ST3403Satellite M300-ST4060Satellite M301Satellite M302
Satellite M305-S4815Satellite M305-S4819Satellite M305-S4820Satellite M305-S4822Satellite M305-S4826
Satellite M305-S4835Satellite M305-S4991ESatellite M306Satellite M307Satellite M308
Satellite M310Satellite M311Satellite M320Satellite M321Satellite M323
Satellite M325Satellite M326Satellite M327Satellite M328Satellite M332
Satellite M336Satellite M338Satellite M339Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001VSatellite Pro M300-EZ1001X
Satellite Pro M300-S1002VSatellite Pro M300-S1002XSatellite Pro U400Satellite Pro U400-10HSatellite Pro U400-114
Satellite Pro U400-11OSatellite Pro U400-11VSatellite Pro U400-122Satellite Pro U400-123Satellite Pro U400-126
Satellite Pro U400-127Satellite Pro U400-12FSatellite Pro U400-12YSatellite Pro U400-130Satellite Pro U400-13A
Satellite Pro U400-13DSatellite Pro U400-13OSatellite Pro U400-142Satellite Pro U400-153Satellite Pro U400-15I
Satellite Pro U400-15QSatellite Pro U400-18SSatellite Pro U400-S1001VSatellite Pro U400-S1001XSatellite Pro U400-S1301
Satellite U400-108Satellite U400-10ISatellite U400-10JSatellite U400-10LSatellite U400-10M
Satellite U400-10NSatellite U400-10OSatellite U400-10TSatellite U400-112Satellite U400-11L
Satellite U400-11QSatellite U400-11TSatellite U400-12RSatellite U400-13TSatellite U400-14B
Satellite U400-14MSatellite U400-14PSatellite U400-15ESatellite U400-17HSatellite U400-C01
Satellite U400-ST3301Satellite U400-ST3302Satellite U400-ST5404Satellite U400-ST6301Satellite U405-S2817
Satellite U405-S2820Satellite U405-S2824Satellite U405-S2826Satellite U405-S2830Satellite U405-S2833
Satellite U405-S2854Satellite U405-S2856Satellite U405-S2882Satellite U405-S2920Satellite U405-ST550W
Satellite U405D-S2846Satellite U405D-S2848Satellite U405D-S2850Satellite U405D-S2852

Compatible Toshiba Part Number


Product Reviews

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1. It is an honest company

By wajdi zeineddine from Florida on Apr 29, 2011

I started shopping with brilliantstore two years ago, I find that they typically have the best prices on what I"m looking for and they don"t jack up the price for shipping like some many vendors do. I was disappointed when they switched shipping vendors from Fed-Ex to UPS, last time I ordered Fed-Ex was still on option but was more expensive.

2. Good electronics store

By Phil from AA on Nov 30, 2010

It is an excellent online store; prices are one of the lowest, Shipping &handling charges are very reasonable, delivery very fast, inventory huge- you can buy anything you need for your electronic itch. Very much satisfied with them and would recommend to anyone who likes shopping online.

3. Its ok

By Joe from Silicon Valley on Feb 26, 2010

Like they all say you get what you pay for but this time im going to make an exception this is pretty good

4. Good Price and Product

By miguel from New Hampshire on Nov 3, 2009

I keep coming back to brilliantstore.com because the site is easy to get around on and it is easy to get to the part that I need for the specific model I have. Furthermore, they always seem to have what I need and at the best price! Very timely manner as which item was shipped out. Item was securely wrapped for shipping. I would recommend for others to purchase from here.

5. Low Price and Good Product

By zurish from Texas on Jul 19, 2009

Prices are almost always near the lowest end. Combine it with the speed and free or near free shipping, and it makes for almost the best combination. I never needed customer service, so can't say much about that. The website is excellent, stuff is easy to find and order, specs are right there, no misleading info anywhere. Everything is spelled out for you. You can even post and read reviews of the products they carry.