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Toshiba Satellite P100, P105, Satellite Pro P100 Series, 7200mAh 9 Cells (Extended Capacity) Laptop Battery by Dekcell

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Item No.: Dekcell - BL-5141H

Ratings: (5 reviews).

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 Color  Black  Voltage  10.80V
 Capacity  7200mAh  Type  Lithium Ion
 Cells  9 Cell

Price: $69.95    MSRP:$77.99    (Saved $8.04)   
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  • Replacement Laptop Battery Designed for Toshiba Satellite P100 P105, Satellite Pro P100 Series
  • Compatible Part Numbers: PA3479U-1BRS, PA3480U-1BAS, PA3480U-1BRS, PABAS078, PABAS079
  • Toshiba Satellite Battery Type: Lithium ion, 10.80V, 7200mAh, 9 Cells (Extended Capacity), Black
  • Brand new, 1 year warranty!
  • For following Toshiba Notebook model number:
  • Toshiba Satellite P100- Series: 102, 103, 105, 108, 109, 112, 113, 114, 115, 118, 119, 188, 191, 192, 194, 197, 198, 199, 208, 213, 222, 223, 224, 227, 240, 247, 253, 257, 258, 259, 264, 284, 306, 307, 309, 313, 324, 340, 347, 350, 352, 359, 386, 387, 403, 410, 413, 426, 429m, JR, ST1071, ST1072, ST7211, ST9012, ST9212, ST9412, ST9612, ST9712, ST9732, ST9742, ST9752, ST9762, ST9772
  • Toshiba Satellite P105- Series: S6002, S6004, S6012, S6014, S6022, S6024, S6062, S6064, S6084, S6102, S6104, S6114, S6124, S6134, S6147, S6148, S6157, S6158, S6167, S6177, S6187, S6197, S6207, S6217, S6227, S921, S9312, S9337, S9339, S9722
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro P100- Series: 150, 153, 327, 401, 402, 404, 420, 422, 438, 439, 465

Compatible Toshiba Model Number

Satellite P100-102Satellite P100-103Satellite P100-105Satellite P100-108Satellite P100-109
Satellite P100-112Satellite P100-113Satellite P100-114Satellite P100-115Satellite P100-118
Satellite P100-119Satellite P100-188Satellite P100-191Satellite P100-192Satellite P100-194
Satellite P100-197Satellite P100-198Satellite P100-199Satellite P100-208Satellite P100-213
Satellite P100-222Satellite P100-223Satellite P100-224Satellite P100-227Satellite P100-240
Satellite P100-247Satellite P100-253Satellite P100-257Satellite P100-258Satellite P100-259
Satellite P100-264Satellite P100-284Satellite P100-306Satellite P100-307Satellite P100-309
Satellite P100-313Satellite P100-324Satellite P100-340Satellite P100-347Satellite P100-350
Satellite P100-352Satellite P100-359Satellite P100-386Satellite P100-387Satellite P100-403
Satellite P100-410Satellite P100-413Satellite P100-426Satellite P100-429mSatellite P100-JR
Satellite P100-ST1071Satellite P100-ST1072Satellite P100-ST7211Satellite P100-ST9012Satellite P100-ST9212
Satellite P100-ST9412Satellite P100-ST9612Satellite P100-ST9712Satellite P100-ST9732Satellite P100-ST9742
Satellite P100-ST9752Satellite P100-ST9762Satellite P100-ST9772Satellite P105-S6002Satellite P105-S6004
Satellite P105-S6012Satellite P105-S6014Satellite P105-S6022Satellite P105-S6024Satellite P105-S6062
Satellite P105-S6064Satellite P105-S6084Satellite P105-S6102Satellite P105-S6104Satellite P105-S6114
Satellite P105-S6124Satellite P105-S6134Satellite P105-S6147Satellite P105-S6148Satellite P105-S6157
Satellite P105-S6158Satellite P105-S6167Satellite P105-S6177Satellite P105-S6187Satellite P105-S6197
Satellite P105-S6207Satellite P105-S6217Satellite P105-S6227Satellite P105-S921Satellite P105-S9312
Satellite P105-S9337Satellite P105-S9339Satellite P105-S9722Satellite Pro P100-150Satellite Pro P100-153
Satellite Pro P100-327Satellite Pro P100-401Satellite Pro P100-402Satellite Pro P100-404Satellite Pro P100-420
Satellite Pro P100-422Satellite Pro P100-438Satellite Pro P100-439Satellite Pro P100-465

Compatible Toshiba Part Number


Product Reviews

Avg. Customer Rating: (4.8 out of 5) based on 5 reviews. Write Your Review

1. Flaw but Good Service

By barnaby from Puerto Rico on Apr 29, 2011

There was a problem with ship charges too high on this order. Their staff resolved completely and swiftly. I"m not an extremely frequent or large quantity buyer, but with rare exception, it"s only place I go to. This group has set a whole new standard for online marketing.

2. Fairly Good as Online Merchant

By Brad from Kansas on Dec 2, 2010

Pretty standard as far as online merchants go. They shipped the correct item, and it got here just fine. I wish they would all give you the shipping and tax rates before you enter in all your account information. It's harder to bargain shop when you have to fill out so many forms to see what the BOTTOM LINE price is going to be. For this seller, the point is item arrived on time and in excellent working condition.

3. For sure I will buy from them again.

By John Hodges from Indiana on Jul 1, 2010

This was my first time placing an order on Brilliantstore. I thought it gave me all the options I needed to know. The descriptions and details of the product were great. I received item free shipping. Price was awesome. For sure I will buy from them again.

4. Bargain Bargain

By Rosalinda from Plano, TX on Feb 12, 2010

They had a problem with order processing. But they contacted me and took care of the issue immediately. Shipped battery overnight and made a personal phone call to advise me of the status. Very prompt response. Will use them again.

5. Thank you for your service

By livingston from Tennessee on Feb 9, 2008

This was a fantastic on-line shopping experience! Brilliantstore's price was the lowest, including their shipping honest charges, unlike other companies that offer a low come-on price and then rip you off with a $10 "shipping and handling charge". I couldn't believe that after placing my order in the morning, with normal 3-day UPS shipping and being informed that the item would be shipped in 24-48 hours, I actually received it the next afternoon!!! The communication from this company was outstanding as well - and it even arrived before they said it would. Thank you for your service!