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External Laptop Battery Charger Compatible with 223-3S4000-S1P1, 223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-GIL1, 468280, 679738, W2U223, Uniwill N223, N223II

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Item No.: PortaTechs - PLT-U223WP

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External laptop battery charger compatible with 223-3S4000-S1P1, 223-3S4000-S1P3, 223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-GIL1, 23-UF4A00-0A, 468280, 679738, W2U223, Uniwill N223, N223II, 223II, 223II0. Winbook X500. Systemax Pursuit 4105, 4110 series Laptop Rating 10.8V, 11.1V Battery.
1. This is not the AC adapter which connects to your laptop but an external/standalone battery charger which can charge your laptop battery outside of your laptop.This charger is for Rating 10.8V, 11.1V laptop battery, please check your battery before ordering it.
2. Battery shown in the picture sells seperately
  • Condition: Brand New. Generic Brand. Made in Taiwan.
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Input Voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC 0.24~0.60A 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: +12.6V DC
  • Output Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Color: Black
  • P/N: 85-102024-00
  • PSU: HES33-S128250
  • Cable Model: PLT-U255M
  • Compatible with battery spare part numbers:
  • 223-3S4000-S1P1, 223-3S4000-S1P3(10.8V), 223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-GIL1(11.1V), 23-UF4A00-0A, 468280, 679738, W2U223.
  • ACMA: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Alienware: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 223-3S4000-S1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A, 468280, 679738.
  • Amax: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Bullman: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • DTK: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Hyundai: 223-3S4000-F1P1,23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Jewel: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • LAM Systems: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Linux Certified: 223-3S4000-F1P1,3-UF4A00-0A.
  • Max Computer: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Max Group: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Max Station: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Mecer: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Micro Flex Tech: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Mwave: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • NorthGate:223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Premier: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Prestigio: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • RoverBook: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Stamp: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Systemax: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Tatung: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • United Micro: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Uniwill: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • Vega: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A.
  • WinBook: 223-3S4000-F1P1, 23-UF4A00-0A, 223-3S4000-F1P1.
  • Xterasys: 23-UF4A00-0A
  • Compatible with batteries in following laptop models:
  • ACMA Elite N223II.
  • Alienware: Sentia 3200 223.
  • Amax: Elite N223II, Bullman Aero Cen Wide.
  • DTK: MaxForce 223II.
  • Hyundai: 223II. N223II.
  • Jewel: 223II0, Topaz 9600.
  • LAM Systems: LAM N223, Linux Certified LC2100.
  • MAX Computer: Max BoteBook 223II0, MaxNote C9923, MaxNote U-223II0.
  • Mecer: 223II0, N223II.
  • Micro Flex Tech: FlexNote 223, 223II,
  • Northgate: 223, 223II0, N223.
  • Premier: N223II0.
  • Prestigio: Visconte 120.
  • Roverbook: Enote Student 223II0, Navigator W200WH, W200-223II0, Next W200-223II0.
  • Stamp: 223, 223II.
  • Systemax: N223II, N223II0, Pursuit 4105, 4110 Series.
  • Tatung: N223II.
  • United Micro: N223II0.
  • Uniwill: N223, N223II, 223II, 223II0 Series.
  • VegaPlus: 223.
  • WinBook: X500, X505, X510, X512, X520, X522, X530, X540. Sery.
  • Xterasys: N223, XteraNote N223.

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