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Window Air Conditioners

An easy and economical way to cool a small area, these window air conditioners will keep you cool and happy on those hot summer days. Our window air conditioner units from 5,000 to 29,000 BTU, you can choose the model that fits your needs while being energy efficient. They are provided by Sunpentown.
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 Items Pages:  1

Air Conditioner Tips

(1) Supply voltage should not fluctuate too much (allowing ± 10% fluctuation), and air conditioner should be line-powered, use single-phase three-hole socket, plug to plug in the end.
(2) The shell of indoor unit should always be clean. In general, shell can be wiped clean by dry cloth and neutral detergent. You must not wash shell directly. If you use cloth to wipe shell, you should turn off the air conditioner.
(3) Room temperature can not be set at too low temperature. Otherwise it is detrimental to human health. In the summer, air conditioner's temperature at 24 degrees to 28 degrees is the best.
(4) If you are clever to use air conditioner's timer, you can get comfortable and energy-saving effect.
(5) According to current environment and the number of personnel, you should select a appropriate air conditioner, otherwise it is difficult to decrease the temperature.
(6) To avoid loss of cool air, room doors and windows must be closed properly and would be better not to be opened frequently.
(7) If you need indoor ventilation, you can temporarily open the window. Time is generally not more than 10 minutes. Air filter should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the flow will be disrupted, resulting in inadequate air flow and temperature rise.
(8) When you sleep, you could set the air conditioner in the sleep mode.
(9) Outdoor unit installation must be strong to reduce vibration and noise. Condenser's exhaust inlet and exhaust outlet must retain sufficient space to facilitate ventilation. If the wind blocked, condensation's pressure rise will lead to air conditioner shutdown.
(10) There is not allowed to have obstacles in front of indoor unit, otherwise it will affect the wind.
(11) If the air conditioner is just running at a rapid cooling, it can be adjusted to high gear until the temperature drops and then transfer to mid-range speed or low speed.
(12) If you want window air conditioner to carry out ventilation, you can use the ventilation switch, but the ventilation time is not more than 15 minutes
(13) If the outdoor radiator covered with too much dust, it will decrease the efficiency of air conditioners, you should regularly check and clean outdoor radiator.
(14) Split-type air conditioner's outdoor unit can not be inserted with sticks, or fans will be stuck or damaged.
(15) If the air conditioner is broken, you can find the original installation department's maintenance man to solve the problems, or contact the company's local service personnel, not to repair by yourself or to find non-professionals
(16) When the air conditioner is not used, you should unplug the power.
(17) To protect the compressor, air conditioner had been shut down but you want to start again, you'd better wait for three minutes.
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